July 5, 2022

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Cote d’Ivoire launches Ebola vaccine campaign

AA / Abidjan / Fulbert Yao

Precautions and contacts of a single patient infected with the Ebola virus in Abidjan have begun to receive the dose of the Ebola vaccine, confirmation sources said Tuesday.

Vaccination began on Monday in three places, including the emergency room where the Ebola epidemic was declared on August 14, particularly at Kokodi University Hospital (north of Abidjan).

Contact agents received the rVSV-ZEBOV Ebola vaccine, manufactured by Merkel, because the World Health Organization (WHO) assisted levels in Guinea to fight the previous four-month epidemic were immediately dispatched by Guinea.

Agents from the Department of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Diseases of the University Hospital of Trekville will then receive the doses of the person currently carrying the virus at an isolation center in Grand-Basam.

Long before the vaccination, C டிte d’Ivoire benefited from the help of five Guinean experts and 5,000 doses from neighboring Guinea.

As a reminder, on August 14, C டிte d’Ivoire declared the infection after confirming the presence of the Ebola virus in a patient traveling on the road from Guinea to Abidjan.

Of the 70 people who traveled with her, 68 have been identified. The Ivory Ministry of Health promises that they will also receive vaccine doses.

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