January 20, 2021

Corona virus: What happens on Wednesday in Canada and around the world


The two worst-hit provinces in Canada recorded new single-day high COVID-19 numbers on Wednesday, with 2,923 new cases reported in Ontario and 2,511 in Quebec.

Health officials Ontario A further 19 additional deaths were reported, bringing the provincial death toll to 4,474. The number of hospital admissions increased to 1,177, with 323 COVID-19 patients in the intensive care units.

The record-breaking finale in Ontario on Wednesday was announced the day after Finance Minister Rod Phillips was on fire for a holiday trip to the Caribbean.

Ontario, locked on Dec. 26, advises against essential travel.

Opposition lawmakers have called for Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips to be removed from the cabinet for his international vacation. (Frank Gunn / The Canadian Press)

Ontario Premier Duck Ford on Wednesday said he found out Phillips was going abroad about two weeks ago and he should have been forced to return immediately.

Ford said his finance minister had “not told anyone” that he was going to the Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy, popularly known as Saint Barthes, on December 13th. But the Prime Minister found out shortly after the trip began.

Ford said he would have a serious conversation with Phillips on Thursday when the minister returns.

The prime minister’s comments come as opposition lawmakers call for Phillips to be removed from the cabinet for his international holiday. They say the minister has violated the government’s own health guidelines by going abroad and it is unbelievable that he would do so without telling the prime minister.

Watch | Ford promises ‘tough conversation’ with Philips during the trip:

Prime Minister Doug Ford addressed questions about Finance Minister Rod Phillips’ Caribbean trip during the lockout. 3:07

Ontario’s finance minister is not the only politician facing criticism on holiday – Quebec Liberal MNA Pierre Arcond apologizes after trip to Barbados Not seen for years.

Quebec A further 41 deaths were reported on Wednesday, bringing the provincial death toll to 8,165. One step Provincial Dashboard, Hospitalized 1,211, ICUs have 152 COVID-19 patients.

In British ColumbiaThe number of cases of a ski resort explosion near Kelowna has now risen to 111, according to health officials. Meanwhile, the province has announced 485 new cases and 11 new deaths and ordered restaurants, bars and shops to stop selling alcohol by 8pm on New Year’s Day.

In Prairie, Manitoba 130 new cases and two additional deaths have been recorded; Alberta A total of 100,000 confirmed cases have been reported since the outbreak reported 1,287 new infections, and 18 deaths; And Saskatchewan 147 new cases and three deaths have been reported.

In Atlantic Canada, New Brunswick Added a new case; Prince Edward Island Two announced, two related to travel; Nova Scotia Three registered; And Newfoundland and LabradorThe active caseload is 18 after no new infections have been reported.

In the north, the first doses of the Moderna Covit-19 vaccine arrived Nunavut On a scheduled Canadian northern flight on Wednesday, the region has one more week to announce details on how the vaccine will be distributed.

Nunavut’s first-dose Moderna Covit-19 vaccinated Canadian northern plane lands in Tormack on Wednesday. (Jackie McKay / CBC)

Canada’s other jurisdictions also exported the Moderna vaccine on Wednesday – with Saskatchewan sending the first doses to the far north, while Ontario Sending to their long-term care homes. Meanwhile, Alberta delivered its first Moderna shot to a long-term care home living in Medicine Hat.

As of 6:30 pm on Wednesday, Canada had 572,497 COVID-19 cases, of which 72,960 were active. A CBC News death toll was 15,460.

Take a look at what’s happening across Canada:

– From CBC News and The Canadian Press, last updated at 6:30 p.m.

What is happening across America

The new variant of the corona virus did not travel to a Colorado man, which raised many questions about how the first American case of the new version was shown in the Rocky Mountain state.

The new variant was first identified in the UK, where infections are now on the rise in the UK, where the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients has surpassed the first peak in the spring. The new variant has been found in many countries, including Canada.

The United States has seen more than 19.5 million cases of COVID-19 and has recorded more than 338,000 COVID-19-related deaths since the outbreak. Johns Hopkins University Surveillance Tool.

People are being tested for COVID-19 on Wednesday at the Drive-Through site in Parker, Colo. (Michael Cyclo / Getty Images)

In the worst-hit state of California, hospitals in Los Angeles County are becoming “crisis care” and bracing for a worsening of the corona virus outbreak in the new year, the state’s top health official said.

Dr. Mark Galli’s comment came on Tuesday as he extended the stay of strict stay orders in areas with some beds in the intensive care units.

Southern California and the Valley of Agricultural San Joaquin said the ICU was not capable of treating Govt-19 patients. Some of the drowned hospitals have no place to drop off ambulances or get oxygen to patients who cannot breathe, he said.

As positive corona virus cases increase in California, a health worker examines patients inside an oxygen tent outside the emergency room at Huntington Park Community Hospital. (Ping Kuan / Reuters)

The state’s “crisis care” guidelines allow ration treatment when staff, medicine and supplies are in short supply.

More than 31,000 new corona virus infections and 242 people died in California on Tuesday. About 25,000 people in the state have died of COVID-19 during the epidemic.

– From the Associated Press and Reuters, last updated at 7:30 p.m.

What is happening around the world

As of Wednesday, more than 82.2 million Govt-19 cases had been reported worldwide, and more than 46.5 million cases were considered recovered or settled. Johns Hopkins. The global death toll is approaching 1.8 million.

World Health Organization President Tetros Adanom Caprais on Wednesday said the Kovacs initiative – a program to help all countries get the corona virus vaccine – urgently needs $ 4 billion to buy vaccines.

Watch | WHO calls for equivalent vaccine access:

The World Health Organization is urging countries to help fill the $ 4.3 billion financial gap by helping poor and middle-income countries buy COVID-19 vaccines. 1:06

In Europe, The United Kingdom extended its highest level of restrictions to three-quarters of the UK population. On Wednesday, the UK became the first country to approve AstraZeneca-Oxford Govit-19 vaccine.

In Asia, China’s National Health Authority is encouraging tens of thousands of migrant workers not to go home during the lunar New Year holidays in February to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Authorities are carrying out a campaign to vaccinate 50 million people before the holidays.

People wear masks on Wednesday in Beijing. (Mark Schippelin / Associated Press)

In United StatesAfter Britain grants the green light on Wednesday, Brazil will soon weigh in on emergency use approval for the AstraZeneca vaccine. Fiocruz, based in Rio de Janeiro, agreed to import and bottle about 100 million doses by June, eventually making the vaccine locally.

In Africa, Zimbabwe has postponed the reopening of schools scheduled for next week due to an increase in corona virus infection and a tropical storm in the region. The teachers’ union has previously petitioned the courts to stop the reopening, saying it is not safe for students to return to class.

– Updated on ET at 2pm, from the Associated Press and Reuters

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