January 18, 2021

Corona virus: What happens on Friday in Canada and around the world


As the largest mass immunization effort in Canadian history is now taking place in every province, health officials are urging the public to continue efforts to control the spread of COVID-19, especially as the holiday season approaches.

“I know we have the right plan and the expertise we need,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said outside the Rio cottage on Friday. “But remember, a vaccine in a week or a month will not help you if you get COVID-19 today.”

Trudeau said the federal government spends nearly $ 9 million on research into treatments for COVID-19.

He said the investment by the National Research Council of Canada would be used to develop therapeutic therapies against COVID-19 and other viral infections.

Watch | Trudeau asked why so many did not hear the news of the infection:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke to reporters at the Rito Cottage on Friday. 1:58

As of Friday, New Brunswick is the only province that has not started vaccinations, which Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer for health, said was due “for logistics and human resources reasons.”

The province’s first vaccination clinic is scheduled to take place this weekend at the Miramichi Regional Hospital.

Territories have not received the initial dose of the Pfizer-BioTech vaccine because its extremely low temperature requirements are considered logically very challenging for northern, rural and remote communities.

Instead, they expect to receive the modern vaccine, which has lower temperature requirements, when approved by Health Canada.

What’s going on across Canada

As of 5:45 pm on Friday, Canada had 493,309 COVID-19 cases, with 75,966 cases still pending. The CBC News death toll stands at 14,004, according to provincial reports, regional health information and CBC reporting.

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In British Columbia, BC 1,000 BC. A government website that picks up applications for the recovery benefit crashed Friday morning shortly after it went online, leaving thousands of residents frustrated and asking the ministry for patience.

In Alberta, Prime Minister Jason Kenny and other ministers have sparked criticism for not wearing a mask during a town hall meeting, with some citing their actions and violating the provincial mask mandate for indoor workplaces.

Watch | Alberta’s top doctor addresses photos of unmasked politicians:

A photo shared on social media has sparked outrage as Alberta’s top doctor clarifies the rules regarding wearing masks in the indoor workplace. 1:29

Saskatchewan 245 new COVID-19 cases and two additional deaths were found Friday.

Manitoba Announced 350 new cases and 10 new deaths. Nearly half of the province’s 547 deaths due to COVID-19 have occurred in the past three weeks.

Ontario, It was reported 2,290 new cases and 40 deaths Friday tightened controls in five regions amid a growing crisis in its regions. Hamilton will move to lockout, the Brand County and Niagara region will move to the red or “control” zone, and the public health division for Kingston, Frendonak and Lenox & Auddington will move to the orange or “restricted” zone in the state’s color-coded system. Timiscaming moves to the yellow or “safe” zone.

The restrictions will take effect on Monday and will last until at least January 4.

Quebec COVID-19 reported 1,773 new cases and 36 deaths on Friday.

For the second day in a row, the number of people admitted to the COVID-19 hospital broke 1,000 points, with 1,011 patients in the hospital, of whom 141 are in intensive care.

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The province is preparing to increase its vaccination campaign by expanding to a total of 21 sites in 15 regions starting next week.

A Govt-19 vaccination center was found in Kadino on Friday. The province is preparing to increase its vaccination campaign by expanding to a total of 21 sites in 15 regions starting next week. (Oliver Plant / Radio-Canada)

New Brunswick No new cases have been reported.

Dr Jennifer Russell, the province’s chief medical officer, said she was “cautiously optimistic” that the Edmundston area, the only part of the state recovering in the orange state, could move in time to the low-control yellow phase. Holidays.

Nova Scotia Recorded Seven new cases Friday, when Newfoundland and Labrador Announced Five new cases.

Watch | How the NS kept COVID-19 out of control:

Nova Scotia’s ability to prevent COVID-19 eruptions from getting out of control has made the country jealous, and Dr. Robert Strong says this is largely due to those who focus on the public interest. 2:04

Prince Edward Island COVID-19 has eased restrictions – allowing for larger gatherings, including longer visits to long-term care homes and the resumption of organized games.

Nunavut Chief Public Health Officer Dr Michael Patterson said the eruption was officially over on Saturday.

What is happening around the world

As of Friday, more than 75.2 million COVID-19 cases had been reported worldwide, of which more than 42.5 million cases were considered recovered or resolved. COVID-19 monitoring tool Maintained by Johns Hopkins University. The global death toll is more than 1.6 million.

In United States, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence was vaccinated against COVID-19 on Friday in a live television event aimed at ensuring that the vaccine is safe for Americans. He celebrated the scene as “a medical miracle” that could eventually lead to an outbreak of corona virus infection.

Pence, the highest-ranking official who has not been vaccinated, has a increasingly visible role to play in highlighting the safety of the shot, including a tour of a vaccine manufacturing facility this week.

Watch | US Vice President receives COVID-19 vaccine:

Mike Pence, vice president of the United States, said he was “delighted” to receive the first dose of the Pfizer-Bioendech Covit-19 vaccine, a “safe and effective” corona virus vaccine. 0:16

In Europe, Sweden tightens corona virus controls across the country, with many having to work from home and reducing the number that can be collected in restaurants, shops and gyms starting next week. But the Prime Minister said on Friday that the government had recently decided against ordering the country’s first full-fledged lockout to curb the rise in virus cases.

Sweden stands out among European countries for its relative response to the epidemic. However, the country has seen a rapid increase in confirmed cases of disruption of the health care system.

A person is being tested for COVID-19 on Friday in Leh, Sweden. (Adam IHS / DT News Agency / AFP via Getty Ima)

In Africa, The total number of cases in South Africa has crossed 900,000, two weeks after the number crossed 800,000, indicating a rapid increase in infections in the country fighting the second wave.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization says it is in contact with South African researchers who have discovered a new variant of the corona virus.

A taxi driver washes passengers’ hands on Thursday in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Luca Sola / AFP via Getty Images)

In Asia, South Korea has registered 1,062 new corona virus infections, with its third straight over 1,000, the largest capital area where hospital beds continue to be low.

The viral re-emergence has put pressure on the government to raise social distance controls to the maximum level, which policymakers have been resisting for weeks out of economic concerns.