July 5, 2022

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Continuation of the Govt vaccination campaign in Morocco

More than 681,000 people aged 35-39 received the first dose of the vaccine between July 9 and July 15, the health ministry said. A number that expresses the apparent enthusiasm of young people for the current campaign.

Young Moroccans are less and less reluctant to be vaccinated. However, this is confirmed by the latest figures from the Ministry of Health. More than 681,000 people aged 35-39 received the first dose of the vaccine from July 9 to July 15. The latter was integrated into the vaccine campaign after receiving two deliveries of the synoform vaccine on July 2 (500,000 dose) and July 6 (1 million dose), respectively.

The last shipment of 2 million doses of the same vaccine received on July 13 will strengthen this role and meet the needs of this segment of the population, with an estimated number of more than 2.3 million.

As of July 15 in Morocco, nearly 20 million people have been vaccinated. 11.03 million people received the first dose and 9.5 million people checked their two injections. In total, Morocco has so far received 14.5 million doses of the sinoform vaccine out of a total of 40.5 million, and a total of 22.4 million doses, including astrogenica. After receiving 957,600 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from this international device piloted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Vaccine Alliance (GAVI), the Kingdom should soon receive the remaining 650,000 doses of the Kovax program. Access to backward countries.

Immunity is a guarantee
This apparent enthusiasm among the youth can be explained by their desire to use the famous vaccine pass set up by the government in early June 2021 to benefit those who have been vaccinated twice. This document can be downloaded from liqahcorona.ma and contains a QR code that proves its authenticity, allowing you to travel across the national area and travel overseas after 11pm. In other words, a “gold” visa that allows you to regain a certain freedom defined by the Govt.

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The vaccine certainly offers these benefits, but it is also a great solution to protect yourself from the corona virus. Recent statistics confirm this. Of the 9 million people vaccinated in Morocco, only 3,400 have already received the two-dose vaccine, up 0.03%, according to Professor South Affif, a member of the National Vaccine Board. Al-Massey, the Arabic language daily, in its July 14, 2021 edition.

The majority of those infected with the virus experienced light pollution after two doses of the vaccine, 98%. The rate of serious cases is very low, ”he said. Taking these injections is a necessity, especially in an environment marked by an increase in pollution in the state. As of Thursday, July 15, 2,571 new cases had been reported, including 1,137 deaths in the Casablanca-Chetat region and 1,389 cures in 23,535 trials.

In France, vaccination has become mandatory for caregivers and professionals who interact with “vulnerable individuals.” The latter will be liable for sanctions if they do not comply with this rule. The Health Pass will be extended to French people over the age of 12 from July 21. They must present this document to access cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, stadiums, sports halls, etc. The government is announcing the results of the free PCR test this fall, excluding the medical fall. Clearly, without the vaccine, get out of the joy of living !.