July 5, 2022

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Clashes between protesters and police in the east, H24info

For the second day in a row, protesters in eastern Algeria are fighting against law enforcement in Gerrada, the cradle of the Hirak regime.

The clashes erupted following a ban by authorities on a march in support of conscientious objectors.

According to the Radio MS website, “After the lasting of Wednesday night, these conflicts continued, the police used tear gases to dissolve the demonstrators”.

The protesters, who were arrested during the clashes on Wednesday, were released late at night from Wednesday to Thursday, their number not mentioned according to radio.

On its Facebook page, LADDH declared that “the withdrawal of clashes between civilians and riot control forces in Gerada” and “Hirak must remain calm and vigilant to maintain peace”.

Born in February 2019, Aptelosis was born out of the overthrow of Poteflika’s fifth regime, and the movement elected Abdel Majidi Debo, the new head of state, despite the expulsion of Mr. Poteflica and his clan.

Hirak calls for the abolition of the administrative system that has been in place since independence in 1962. Officials say the movement’s key demands have been met.

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