January 20, 2021

Canadian retail sales continue to rise after the epidemic

Canadian retail sales for October came in stronger than expected and rose 0.4 percent.

Statistics Canada reported on Friday that total sales activity for the month reached $ 54.6 billion, marking the sixth consecutive month of growth following a record decline in April.

Statistics Canada says sales growth was driven by motor vehicle and parts sellers. Sales of new car dealerships rose 0.8 percent.

Economists expect sales to rise 0.2 percent in October, following a 1.1 percent rise in September.

Sales in British Columbia rose 2.1 percent, with health and personal care stores, as well as sellers of building materials and garden equipment and supplies, contributing the most to the increase. In Alberta, sales of motor vehicle and parts retailers rose 1.1 percent.

In Ontario, retail activity fell for the first time since April, coupled with registered COVID-19 cases and drastic public health measures within the province. Sales in Ontario fell 0.4 percent, led by clothing and apparel stores.

Statistics Canada Its forecast for November is that retail activity is expected to remain relatively unchanged.

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