January 18, 2021

Canadian ducks weigh 400 kg in the New Zealand Capitol Coast Lake

Having Canada Ducks for your Christmas roast would be the necessary solution to deal with the 200 birds that pollute a lake in New Zealand.

Ducks deposit up to 400 kilograms of pupae in Avadia Lake on Kapidi Beach, and a local wants to select ducks and use their meat to feed the poor.

Geoff Amos said locals were tired of the chaos created by the ducks and that he had arranged a petition.

Wagon Huberley on the trail in Lake Avaradaya, Parabaramu, making Canada’s duck flower unattractive in any form. (Kevin Stent / Stuff NZ)
“The duck flower creates a bad odor,” Mr Amos said Subject NZ.

Some locals no longer use the area because droplets of ducks lined the path.

Each bird emits up to two kilograms per day, damaging the environment up to 200 birds in the lake.

Mayor Kay Kurunathan supported their removal from the lake, but said a calf in a built-up area could turn into a “public relations disaster”.

The bird, which was injured during the previous bull, ended up in a backyard, shocking the children, he said.

Mr Amos said he understood their removal would be a major headache for the church, but the situation was out of control.

Canadian ducks were removed from the protected species list in 2011 and can be removed.

The petition has so far been signed by 674 people, including people from as far away as Iceland.

Canada Ducks NZ Lake Pollution
Canadian ducks, like those on Lake Henley in Masterton, are becoming a growing problem across the country. (Kevin Stent / Stuff NZ)

In Denver, city officials turn around 300 ducks a year to feed families.

“Obviously meat is so much better to eat,” Mr Amos said.

Mr Kurunathan said cutting down birds for meat was an interesting idea, but it also posed problems for the council.

“I don’t know how we will get under the food law,” he said.

Mr Amos agreed that not everyone agrees that birds are an issue, and that some enjoyed eating and observing them in the lake.

He was part of a group of radio boat enthusiasts who said the ducks were making the lake unusable and that their numbers were growing rapidly.

Wagon Heberley, who lives near the lake, is also getting tired.

He acknowledged that the killing of ducks was unpopular, and urged the council to consider other ways to encourage ducks to use the lake.

Chef Martin Bosley supported the idea of ​​converting ducks into food.

“I think this is a better way to schedule our Christmas than turkey being honest,” he said.

Canada Ducks NZ Lake Pollution
Canadian ducks create chaos in the paths around Lake Avadeya. (Virginia Fallen / Stuff NZ)

Mr Bosley said meat has a lot of potential and cooks are always looking for something new.

He recommended frying it while it was pink and eating the breast to avoid overeating. It can be finished by frying it on the skin side. The legs and corpse formed good stocks.

Bill Deal, Wellington Regional Manager for Fish and Sports, said the meat was surprisingly tasty.

“They are very valuable to eat in New Zealand and abroad. Meat is low fat and very good food,” he said.

“You can fry them or put them in sausage and salami. They make excellent casseroles.”

When the ducks howl they can’t fly, Mr Deal said they can circle like sheep.

Matthew McLean of Fence Meat Processing was reluctant to slaughter ducks killed by the lead shot. Lead breaks knives in processing machines and can break your teeth.

He ate ducks, but was not as excited as Mr. Deal or Mr. Boseley.

“Low and slow your friend, they are very hard,” he said.

Canada Ducks NZ Lake Pollution
Chef Martin Bosley wants to see Canadian ducks replace turkey and chicken at the Christmas dinner table. (Nicola Galloway / Stuff NZ)

The New Zealand Hunting and Shooting Forum has a page dedicated to Canadian duck recipes.

Recommendations include curry, sade, casserole and ducks. Schnitzel appears to be a favorite option, including Charlie Horse’s recipe.

. he said.

This article was originally published on Stuff NZ and republished with permission.

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