January 25, 2021

Canada vs Germany score: Canadians beat World Juniors by 16 goals to 20

Let’s be honest: 2020 was a different year and we all know that nature was thrown out the window. But Saturday was Boxing Day and we finally had a casual event – Canada playing the World Juniors hockey game.

It was shown by the native country.

The Canadians beat the German team that won the 2021 IIHF World Junior Championships 16-2, with only 14 (nine forwards, five defenders and two goalscorers) able to list due to the positive tests of the Kovit-19. Ideal for a beer league, not ideal for international matches against a powerhouse on the second night.

Unfortunately, the results suggest that.

When Sabers prospect John-Jason Peterka scored the Germans’ first goal, the Canadians scored 16 with a hat-trick and three assists from his future NHL teammate Dylan Cossen. Dawson Mercer, Beaten Krebs, Alex Newhook and Philip Tomasino fell twice against German goalkeepers Arno Defense (four goals in 10 shots) and Jonas Kahr (12 for 34). Krebs’ first goal will be remembered for some controversy as the broadcast showed that it happened after the clock struck double zeros. DSN’s broadcasters, including Court Miller and Ray Ferraro, surprised everyone; The actual game clock was slightly different and Buck is said to have 0.2 left when he crossed the goal line.

In the end, Canada were ashamed of two goals in scoring 18 goals in a game, and while wondering whether or not they should leave a smile, the team focused on setting the table.

“This is our first game of the tournament. We want to establish our good habits and play the right way,” Cosense told Postcom. “I think we’m not going to change the way we play because we have a lot. We still want to act like an intimate game and continue those good habits. We do not focus too much on the score, we focus on playing the right way.”

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“In these competitions we can’t break away from our habits and move towards our goals,” Mercer said. “So, this new team is coming every day tomorrow. We have to keep advancing day by day, so we can be ready when the medal rounds come, we make sure we put our best foot forward. So we keep pushing, looking at ourselves, we are good for the Canada team We need to make sure we do. “

As the Canadians scored seven goals in the midfield, head coach Andre Durigni was overjoyed with the final goal.

“At one time we were the best at doing the little things … all the things you had to do to succeed,” he said. “We have to have the right habits. It’s not about speeding, it’s not about trying to impress anyone, it’s about playing the right way.”

In the first period of contact with the head of Germany’s John-Luka Schumacher the Canadian defender lost Braden Schneider, and a five-minute key rating (Peterka’s goal came during this power game) and a game misconduct. He has a good chance of missing out for a while after IIHF gives it another look.

In the end, for every player in line outside the goalie, Keaton Korsak, Connor Sari and Schneider scored at least one point in the game. Canada will face Slovakia, who beat Switzerland 1-0 in their first match.

Sports News monitored all the activity as Canada got off to a good start at the 2021 IIHF World Junior Championships.

(East at all times)

Germany scores against Canada, highlights of the 2021 World Juniors opening game

Final: Canada 16, Germany 2

8:41 pm: The goal. But to Germany! This extends to 14 unanswered goals. 16-2, Canada.

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8:22 pm: The goal. Connor McMichael. Canada is two points away from its all-time single-game scorecard. 16-1, Canada.

8:20 pm: The goal. Thomas Harley. There are still more than 10 minutes. 15-1, Canada.

8:14 pm: The goal. Jacob Pelletier. Canada did not leave. 14-1, Canada.

8:13 pm: The goal. Cosens gets his hat-trick. 13-1, Canada.

8:10 pm: The goal. Cosans helps Canada take the place they left off in the second period. 12-1, Canada.

8:06 pm: Dylan Current is now on target for Canada.

8:05 pm: Canada overtook Germany 29-9.

End of Second Period: Canada 11, Germany 1

7:47 pm: The goal. Krebs finishes his second match. 11-1, Canada.

7:43 pm: The goal. Now double digits. Dylan Cossans adds benefit. 10-1, Canada.

7:35 pm: The goal. Philip Tomasino returned to the score. 9-1, Canada.

7:31 pm: The goal. Do it eight! Newhook again. 8-1, Canada.

7:23 pm: Kirby Touch is watching all this from home. To be very happy.

7:21 pm: The goal. Alex Newhook. Canada is pouring it. It was seven within two periods. 7-1, Canada.

7:19 pm: The goal. Canada is on track for a big blow. Ryan Suzuki takes advantage of another goalie crash. 6-1, Canada.

7:17 pm: The goal. Mercer attacks Canada for the second time in the game. 5-1, Canada.

7:09 pm: Game On and has a new Netminder in Germany. Jonas Kahr is in the replacement.

End of First Period: Canada 4, Germany 1

6:50 pm: The end of the first period. Canada put one on the web after an uncounted buzz. Update: Video Review Gives Target to Canada! It was a surprising result because Buck crossed the goal line late. Anyway, this is a great finish for Beyton Creeps. 4-1, Canada.

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6:48 pm: Two minute power game for Canada.

6:37 pm: The goal. Canada responds immediately. Bill Tomasino skips the whole paper and scores. 3-1, Canada.

6:35 pm: BP target for Germans! John-Jason Peterka (BUF) with a complete snipe. 2-1, Canada.

6:29 pm: Braden Schneider is fired for this victory. Five minute power play for Germany.

6:26 pm: Canada doubles its advantage! Dawson Mercer also places a shorthand goal around the cage. To give the scary defensive game buck from Germany. 2-0, Canada.

6:17 pm: What stopped Devon Levy at Tim Stouts. Senators tried to get around the wide netminder of anticipation, but it was stopped by the pad.

6:16 pm: Ryan Suzuki flies inside and stops. Canada is using its momentum tonight.

6:15 pm: Canada jumps ahead immediately! Guidan Kuhley invented the web. 1-0, Canada.

6:13 pm: Since the jump, Canada has been playing on all cylinders. Dylan Cossons missed the open net as he hit the crossbar.


5:15 pm – Suitable for sports.

5:10 pm – The lines are here.

2:24 pm – New leadership team.

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