January 18, 2021

Canada orders Hermes 900 for environmental monitoring | News

Hermes 900 Starliner Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Transport has been ordered by Canada to work on the environmental monitoring mission.

According to Ottawa’s acquisition company, the recently announced C $ 36.2 million (28 million) deal includes an aircraft structure. The UAV will be delivered by December 2022.

“Canada is committed to protecting our endangered species and our marine environment,” said Transport Minister Mark Corneo.

“The integration of long-haul aircraft into our fleet will make our surveillance operations stronger than ever. The National Aerial Surveillance Program will also help in the search and rescue, humanitarian efforts, illegal fishing enforcement and development and regulation of Canada’s drone industry.”

The Israeli-made organization won the deal after a competitive procurement process.

According to Ottawa, the Hermes 900 has a working range of more than 1,400nm (km) and is out of sight, making it ideal for detecting oil spills, exploring ice and marine habitats, and tracking Canada’s Arctic.

Elbit notes that Starliner is certified to operate in civilian airspace and to operate from public airports.

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