January 18, 2021

Canada invests in transport infrastructure at the port of Montreal to move goods to market

The Government of Canada is committed to protecting and serving Canadians through the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic challenge. This includes ensuring that our key trade corridors and gateways are open and functional, and that Canadians continue to receive essential items that are safe and well-supported while supporting the Canadian economy.

Today, the Minister of Transport, Hon. The new system will improve the existing transportation system and reduce traffic congestion around Canada’s second largest port.

The program includes the following:

These investments have significant economic benefits for Canadians that will contribute to the economic recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The National Trade Corridor Fund is a merit-based program that invests in critical assets that support economic activity and finances the movement of goods and people in Canada.

It reflects the Government of Canada’s long commitment to work with stakeholders in strategic infrastructure projects that address traffic congestion, vulnerabilities and congestion in Canada’s trade corridors.

The Government of Canada supports infrastructure projects that contribute to Canada’s success in international trade. Trade Diversification is a key component of the National Trade Corridor Fund, which projects through:

  • Improving the efficiency of the transport system to increase the value and quantity of goods exported from Canada to overseas markets; And
  • Create new foreign trade as a result of investment.
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