February 26, 2021

Canada cancels deportation of a Portuguese family

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Family counsel told the Lusa news agency on Feb. 10 that Canadian authorities had canceled the deportation of a Portuguese family scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 11.

“I don’t know what happened, but we were notified Canadian Border Company (CBSA) that they had revoked the deportation order, ”said Jacqueline Swissland.

Philip Cornwalls, 40, Eva Ferreira, 39, and their son Louis Gonzalez, 15 – are Canadians from 2012 and originally from Faff (Prague district) – whose deportation order was issued on February 11 following the expiration of their work visa. Despite many attempts at processes.

Regarding the cancellation of the deportation, the lawyer says that the CBSA “did not send a new date for the deportation” was a “good sign” and “no further information”.

“They did not send us a future date for deportation. They did not know they would be deported on another date. They told us it was canceled,” he added.

Since arriving in Canada in August 2012, the family says they have spent about $ 56,000 (36 36,400) on three different immigration advisers and lawyers from different companies.

The Portuguese family came to Canada and applied for two work visas in 2012 through a heavy goods trucking company.

When the two began working in Canada with all legal documents, in mid-November of that year, Philip’s work visas were valid for two years and valid for two years.

The problem arose with the renewal of work visas, which did not happen, and the family blamed several immigration counselors for “not doing their job”.

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Despite failed attempts at legalization, in 2014 the family knew they were undocumented.

In March 2020, Ottawa suspended most deportations due to the epidemic. In early August, Canada decided to deport the most serious cases that could not be allowed. All cases that could not be allowed at the end of November.

It was then that the Portuguese family contacted the Toronto Attorney, who submitted an application for humanitarian assistance in December “for the enormous efforts they have made to formalize their position in Canada.”

Meanwhile, Jacqueline Swissland has filed a petition to delay deportation, saying the family “should not be deported at this time”. CBSA We will have to wait until it responds to the application for humanitarian compassion because “it is not safe to travel to Portugal because it is one of the highest rates of infection with pneumonia”.

The request was rejected by Canadian authorities, and the last alternative was to appeal to federal court, which will be filed on February 10, one day before the deportation.

According to Canadian government data, there are more than 480,000 Portuguese and Portuguese descendants living in the country.