January 20, 2021

Canada breaks daily corona virus case record as Alberta discovers 1st South African variant

Canada on Friday added a further 9,197 new cases of the corona virus novel, shattering the country’s daily infection record, reaching 14,000 new COVID-19 infections a day to the country’s previous estimates.

A further 128 deaths have been reported, raising the country’s death toll to 16,707. To date, Canada has confirmed 643,848 cases of COVID-19 545,971 Those patients later recovered.

A total of 19,371,000 trials have been administered, although only 4,466 have been hospitalized since the virus.

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Officials confirm Canada’s 1st case of South African variant of COVID-19 found in Alberta

Canada’s public health officer Dr Theresa Tom announced in a statement on Friday that an average of 136 deaths were reported each day, while more than 800 people admitted to hospital in Canadian hospitals are currently in critical condition.

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According to him, 14 cases of UK COVID-19 variant have been detected in Canada as of Friday. Federal health officials also confirmed that Alberta had witnessed the country’s first case of a new COVID-19 variant first found in South Africa.

More than 115,000 drugs of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered as of January 1, and a total of nine adverse reactions have occurred so far, the Domin report said.

Canada’s newly reported cases topped the 9,000-point mark for the first time on Friday as daily infections follow the previous public health model, suggesting that 12,000 to 14,000 new COVID-19 cases are on the way every day by January.

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Presenting the data at a press conference in December, Tom said at the time that the country “did not see a continuous sustained daily decline indicating that the epidemic was under control.”

Vaccinations begin for 600-year-old and vulnerable inmates

Vaccinations begin for 600-year-old and vulnerable inmates

“There are no small signs that this upward trajectory will change without further intensification of public health measures,” Tom warned at the time.

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Daily reported virus cases in Canada have seen a steady increase over the past two months, with daily infections now more than three times the country’s peak during the first waves of the virus in the spring.

The registration fee was also reached as several provinces announced new or strengthened restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Ford says ‘the worst situation we’ve ever had’ as Ontario reaches new COVID-19 trial record

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As of Saturday evening, anyone crossing the border from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia will now need two weeks of self-isolation.

Nova Scotia on Friday added two cases of the virus, while New Brunswick recorded 18 more infections. PEI did not release new data on Friday, while Newfoundland and Labrador reported no new cases during its daily update.

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Manitoba, on the other hand, has extended its current general restrictions for another two weeks. Strict measures were initially ordered in mid-November, and included limits for community meetings and shop openings.

The Winnipeg Jets were given an exemption from operations, which allowed them to play the upcoming NHL games at the Bell MTS location.

The province added 221 new cases and 9 more deaths, while Saskatchewan reported 336 infections and seven more deaths.

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A further 599 laboratory confirmed cases were reported in BC, and 18 deaths were reported. A further eighteen AP-linked cases have been reported in the province that are closely related to symptomatic patients and confirmed cases, but have never been systematically tested.

A total of 501 cases not mentioned in the Global News count are considered EP-linked.

A further 1,183 cases were found in Alberta on Friday, raising its provincial total to 109,652. Health officials there also announced 24 more deaths.

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Corona virus: WHO urges rich countries to stop reducing vaccine queues

Corona virus: WHO urges rich countries to stop reducing vaccine queues

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has warned the province is in its “worst case scenario” since the outbreak began on Friday.

The province added a further 4,249 virus cases on Friday, but 450 of those cases were linked to the daily number of cases due to old cases and data recording. The new total puts the state’s new case number below 3,800 on Friday, still beating Ontario’s previous record of 3,519.

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Canada’s September vaccination target could mean other approvals

The death toll in the province has risen to 4,882 since 26 deaths were reported.

Quebec added another 2,588 cases and 45 new deaths on Friday. The number of provincial deaths there is only 8,606 since one death was withdrawn and renewed Friday because it was not the cause of COVID-19.

Yukon reported a new case during its daily update on Friday, while the Northwest Territories found no new infections. Nunavut did not release new COVID-19 data on Friday.

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Corona virus: Health Canada says there are some medical questions about vaccine approvals

Corona virus: Health Canada says there are some medical questions about vaccine approvals

To date, more than 88,845,000 people have been infected with the corona virus novel, according to Johns Hopkins University. More than 1,912,800 people have been infected with the virus, leading to both cases and deaths in the United States, India and Brazil.

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