July 5, 2022

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Biden “strongly defends” US withdrawal from Afghanistan

The target of harsh criticism after the fall of Kabul, President Joe Biden on Monday “firmly defended” his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, promising that Washington’s goal was never to build a democratic country in the country. Hands of the Taliban.

“After 20 years, I have learned reluctantly that there is not a good time to withdraw US troops,” the US president told the White House and eagerly awaited the historic weekend because of President Ma’s silence.

“The truth is, all of this happened sooner than we expected,” he admitted, however, after facing the scale of the controversy and having to interrupt his leave.

“Our goal in Afghanistan is never to build a nation. It’s not to build a centralized, integrated democracy,” he said.

Faced with the prevailing chaos, the White House tenant threatened to retaliate against the Taliban if they disrupted exit operations at Kabul airport on Monday.

Biden said the response would be “quick and powerful” in the event of an attack, promising to protect American citizens “by using destructive force if necessary.”

The United States will continue to be involved in Afghanistan’s “women and girls,” Joe Biden was quoted as saying on Monday, describing the “heartbreaking” scenes in Afghanistan.

After his speech, Mr Biden resumed his visit to Camp David, a US presidential resort located not far from the federal capital.

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