July 5, 2022

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Biden sends 2nd place in US diplomacy to China to maintain tense dialogue

Biden sends 2nd place in US diplomacy to China to maintain tense dialogue

He will be the second highest-ranking official in US diplomacy since the election of President Joe Biden, and the two rival powers are in full conflict.

Foreign Secretary Wendy Sherman, who is already on an all-Asian tour, will travel to Tianjin, northern China, on Sunday and Monday, where she will meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in particular, the Foreign Ministry announced Wednesday, confirming speculation about the trip.

The visit will take place “as part of the United States’ current efforts to engage in transparent exchanges to promote US interests and values ​​while responsibly managing the relationship with competing power,” he added.

So far, since Joe Biden arrived at the White House in January, only his climate ambassador, John Kerry, has visited China – but for limited talks with the fight against global warming, it is one of the rare things that both countries try to find common ground.

The two powers are engaged in fierce conflict, which the US president presents as a global rivalry between dictatorships and democracies, which he has made the central axis of his foreign policy, but one of the primary motives of his economic reforms.

– “Serious Concerns” –

The head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, met with his Chinese counterparts in Alaska in March, during a tense meeting to discuss all undeniable differences between Washington and Beijing, including human rights, outside of Hong Kong or Taiwan, or even US allegations of industrial espionage.

The Biden administration has increased pressure, especially through sanctions or warnings regarding the repression of Uyghur Muslims in China, which describes allegations of “genocide”, liberties in Hong Kong, but also cyber attacks against them. United States. It seeks to list its European and Asian allies to present the United Front of Democracies in this conflict.

China, for its part, condemns Washington’s arrogance, which includes “American intervention”, “Cold War mentality” and, above all, its desire to “impose its own democracy on the rest of the world.”

Wendy Sherman will move to Tianjin after stopping in Japan, South Korea, US allies and Mongolia, and relations with Washington have recently improved.

He will “discuss issues that concern us deeply about China’s behavior, but also lessons that unite our interests,” the State Department said in a statement.

The Biden administration says it wants to continue cooperating with Beijing on key global challenges, such as the fight against global warming, managing the health crisis or issues related to disarmament.

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