January 25, 2021

BC announces 683 new cases of COVID-19 and 8 new deaths in the final update of 2020

BC Health officials announced 683 new cases in the province and eight new deaths, cited as the 160th COVID-19 update of 2020.

The province currently has 7,803 active cases, 374 in hospital and 76 in intensive care.

A total of 901 people died of COVID-19 in 2020 BC.

“2020 is difficult for us, it is difficult for all of us,” said Dr. Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer. “COVID-19 may define 2020, but it does not define us.”

The update marks the highest number of new cases in the province since December 14 and the lowest number of deaths since November 23.

The curve of BC is a reminder to keep New Year celebrations small and limited to instant homes as they go in the right direction.

At a last-minute telecommunications conference on Wednesday, Dix and Henry ordered restaurants, bars and retail outlets to stop selling liquor at PD at 8pm on New Year’s Day.

This restriction, which shaves for two more hours from the cut-off time at 10pm the night before, is being implemented to prevent small, secure meetings from turning into group meetings, putting restaurant staff and hosts at risk.

“It now takes two hours to manage a situation that lasts,” he said.

“Right now, we need to capture the fort and make 2021 the brightest year for all of us.”

Current restrictions on community gatherings and events are in effect until January 8, which means that the rules must be followed on New Year’s Day.

Wednesday, BC. 485 recorded new COVID-19 and 11 deaths.

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The next update from the province is scheduled for January 4th.