Augusta National cuts the stunning structure down to size

Augusta, Georgia (AP) – It was a very coveted day at Augusta National.

Turns out the green jacket wouldn’t be draped over the larger and stronger shoulders – not if they belonged to a guy who had no idea where that little white ball was headed.

Bryson DeChambeau, the amazing structure of bonds, has reached Masters He speaks boldly about conquering one of the holiest golf courses.

Instead, it has been reduced in size.

DeChambeau spent Friday spraying shots throughout the course, as his frustrations threaten to boil over at any moment like the fictional Hulk.

He even managed to lose the ball In a really strange way.

Then there was Abraham Anser, who was 5 feet 7 and 160 pounds, roughly the size of one of Deschamo’s forearms.

The 29-year-old Mexican ranked poorly on the list in driving distance, with an average of 279.5 yards over half a football field behind DeChambeau’s moon shots.

But Enser had a much better idea of ​​where his ball would end up. And when he was off the field at the end of the second round, he had a 9-Under 135 on his card that gave him a share of the 36-hole unfinished lead.

“I didn’t achieve it to the best of my ability,” said Anser. “But I managed to scramble really well and do some hits for Birdie, which is what kept me in it. I played Musawah 3 really well.”

These are the shortest holes of course, but they are usually the most devilish. They are all about touch, not power.

Anser birds three of them during the second round, which is a big reason the rookie master left the track tied up in the lead.

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DeChambeau will simply try to make the cut when he returns on Saturday morning to complete the last six holes of his second run. He played the first Dozen in 3, leaving him 10 mega hits behind Ancer and three others at the top of the leaderboard.

Barely what was expected of a man who turned his body into something like the NFL middle-back, who beat the US Open Wing at Winged Foot to win his first major title, and who blatantly placed Augusta 67 instead of 72.

DeChambeau, who sought to normalize the idea of ​​driving the 400 yards and swing speeds that could withstand an Indy race car, boasted: “I can reach all 5 values ​​in two, no problem.”

If four 5 Augusta values ​​come to equal 4s on the hypothetical and hypothetical DeChambeau scorecard, that definitely means that the third hole – at 350 yards, by far the shortest 4-course score – was flagged to level 3 in Bryson’s Mammoth Tee Shot Emporium.

Well, you won’t believe what happened in third place.

Deschambo exhaled loudly before his club rushed at a frightening speed, and aimed his driver on the left side of the lane, green in his sight.

But the ball jumped to the left more than it intended, landing in a patch of dense grass still soaked from the torrential rain this week. It was traveling with such force that it was squeezed deep into the ground.

DeChambeau and about 15 other people – officials, workers, and anyone else standing in the galleries strewn over the unsuspecting Masters – cleaned the lawn for a full three minutes, poking and prodding the floor.

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Not a ball.

“When you hit Bryson as hard as he hits her, it’s kind of a fixation with not much turning around in a soft area … we were all sure she was pretty much buried and it would be hard to find,” said playing partner John Ram, who also joined To the research team.

With no immediate reports of him appearing on the other side of the world, Deschambeau was left to take the journey to shame. A cart returned him to the launch box to be struck again. It ended up making a Triple Phantom 7 in a hole that yielded an average score of 3.966.

(FWIW, I mentioned The ball was found about 10 minutes later by the gallery guard, no more than 10 feet from the fairway, but only visible to someone directly above it).

When you combine the triple ghost with 7 others On Thursday – when Deschambeau drove one behind a pine tree, pulled the next shot into some azalea bush, hit a makeshift ball at Ray Creek, found his first ball, took a drop from the penalty spot, cut a chip, and ended up making a double ghost in the third – Easiest Hole in the Field – It’s easy to see why he’s in his predicament.

Never mind he has nine birds on his card and first place in the entire field at driving distance – 13 yards from the next guy.

While DeChambeau was making a mess of things, 63-year-old Bernard Langer methodically went his way around the track.

The diminutive German ranks 88th out of 91 players in driving distances, but is third for driving accuracy, losing only three lanes in the first two rounds.

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The result: Langer has been less than 3 years old and is assured of becoming the oldest player in Masters history to achieve such success.

“I led the ball well and shot it fairly well,” Langer said, “and that’s what kept me there even though I clashed with very long clubs.” “I love this golf course. I think I know how to beat it, even though I’ve hit clubs very long. But it’s definitely not easy. It’s a long hitting place. It’s always been.”

Fortunately, there is more to Augusta that strikes her deepest.

We got a reminder that Friday.

No offense to DeChambeau, but that was very reassuring.


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