February 26, 2021

An employee of the Canada Post says he will not run an extreme right-wing newspaper in Regina

A letter to the Canada Post states that the carrier was suspended from his job earlier this month for refusing to provide samples of a newspaper criticized for its right-wing-leaning comments.

“I think it’s part of the hate mail, especially under the atmosphere,” Ramiro Sebulveda said.

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Questionable publication The Epoch Times. It was founded by Chinese immigrants in North America who escaped communist persecution in North America.

These days, experts are stuck on paper with misinformation.

“In print they do a good job of turning it into a formal paper,” said Patricia Elliott, a professor of journalism at the University of Regina.

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“This is just one of their social media posts – there is a lot of conspiracy theory and extreme right rhetoric.”

In an email to Global News, the Canada Post said: “As far as Canada’s postal administration is concerned, the Canada Post cannot send any mail that is properly prepared and paid for. The courts have told the Canada Post that its role is not to act as an audit of the mail or to determine the degree of freedom of expression in Canada. This is an important difference between Canada Post and private sector distribution companies. ”

“Any view we have of the content does not change our obligation to provide it.”

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But some say the Canada Post should accept responsibility, saying the amount of misinformation is dangerous.

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“The danger to the public is particularly around COVID, there is misinformation about how serious COVID is, and the precautions people should take to maintain public safety. That is a big concern,” Elliott said.

“Furthermore, as we see in the United States, deep distrust of the political leadership, deep distrust of the media and the division of people into such despicable camps is indeed a great concern.”

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Whether it’s a site like Facebook or a Crown Corporation like the Canada Post, companies need to check what’s going on outside the door and who it’s going to, Elliott said.

Epoch told the Times Global News that it is an “independent media that reports objectively and has won numerous press awards.”

“Canada is a country that believes in press freedom,” it added. “People deserve to read different media and decide what things they want to follow.”

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According to Sebulveda, he was suspended for refusing to provide two more papers.

“I do not provide false information that could alienate or exclude a group that has not already voted,” Zebul Veda said.

He said he would not shake his decision to take a stand even if he came back to work.

“Hatred is very painful regardless of whether you consider it physical, emotional or verbal – damage is damage,” Zebul Veda said.

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