July 5, 2022

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Algeria … will play Burkina Faso in Morocco

Slimani and Onas
Slimani and Onas

Qatari qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup begin next September and Burkina Faso, which does not have an internationally recognized stadium, is set to face Algeria on the set of 2 against Morocco.Th Day of Group A.

It is an open secret that the leaders of Morocco and Algeria have not spoken the same language for a long time. After all, Riyadh Mahrez and his team can face the stallions of Burkina Faso on land in the Sheriff’s Kingdom. In fact, Burkina Faso, which lacks an accredited stadium that meets international standards to play its home matches, is looking for a backup-solution.

Thus, within the framework of 2, the Burkina Faso Confederation has selected Morocco to face Algeria.Th Step Group A Day SportroomBurkina Faso’s foreign minister, Alba Barry, has already begun steps near Moroccan authorities. For now, no response has been sent to their colleagues in Burkina Faso by the authorities of the Sheriff’s Kingdom.

As a reminder, according to a recent study tour by the CAF (African Football Confederation), the 4-August Stadium in Okaduko, which usually hosts stallions matches, does not meet the standards. Although work has been underway in recent weeks, there is no guarantee that the stadium will be allowed to host the tournament in a timely manner. This paved the way for the Burkina Faso Football Federation to find an alternative.

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