September 30, 2022

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Algeria: The new Prime Minister tested positive for Govt-19

Mohammed DAROUICHESaturday July 10, 2021 – 07:41 pm

The new Algerian Prime Minister, Amene Benabedrahmane, was in solitary confinement for seven days on Saturday, after a positive test for Kovit-19, his services announced in a statement.

Amin Benapterrahmane “tested positive for Govt-19 on Saturday,” the statement said, adding that he “has been jailed for seven days, starting today, while waiting to repeat a screening test at the end of this period.”

“The Prime Minister continues to do his job remotely.”

Algeria crossed the 800 daily pollution level on Friday for the first time since November 2020, while the most populous country in the country (44 million people) feared that the health crisis would worsen.

President Abdelmadzit Deboun convened a meeting of the Scientific Committee on Saturday to monitor the evolution of the epidemic, during which it was decided to “firmly re-implement” preventive measures and expedite vaccination rates, the president said in a statement.

Debவுn, 75, signed with Covid-19 at the end of 2020 and was hospitalized for several months in Germany.

Amen Benapetrahmane Algeria Govit-19
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