July 5, 2022

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Algeria: The firefighter is suspected to have been killed by an angry mob

A firefighter accused of burning has been killed by an angry mob in the Larba Nath Ratan area after facing massive fires for three days, killing at least 69 people, local sources said.

He was followed by a group of youths who allegedly set fire to a vehicle without a registration number.

He was handed over to personal security services and a large crowd entered the courtyard of the police station with the police van, adding the same evidence cited by the local media when the police were about to drop him off. Dozens of angry youths killed him in the courtyard of the police station.

However, residents of CD Dawood in Pierre Mordos Villa, where one of the arsonists is believed to have been arrested, went to DC-Oso to help locals in the firefight and demanded his release.

Most of the 69 victims of the fire were killed in the town, about 25 kilometers from Diji Ozo.

According to Algerian officials, the fire in the Tiju-Osho fire is of criminal descent, and the firefighters have chosen their targets to inflict maximum damage.

According to Civil Defense spokesman Naseem Barney, 69 fires were still active Wednesday in 17 districts, especially in Digi Oso, which recorded the highest human casualties.

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