July 5, 2022

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Algeria: The fight against wildfires is advancing

The fight against wildfires that has ravaged northern Algeria for five days advanced on Friday, with people in shock, especially in the devastated DC Oso region of Capilia.

At least 71 people have been killed in the blaze since Monday, according to a recent estimate by authorities condemning the “criminal” look.

There are only three houses left in the province of DC Oso, Civil Defense tweeted at the end of the afternoon.

On the other hand, firefighters and volunteers continue to fight the 51 fires in 16 provinces, especially in Bejana, Gijel and El Taref on the Tunisian border. According to a recent Civil Defense report, this last area, which is sparsely populated, starts with a high number of fires on Friday.

A total of 76 fires were extinguished – of the 100 listed nationwide on Thursday.

In the face of tragedy, demonstrations of the solidarity of civil society are being stopped on the ground and international aid is being organized.

The arrival of the water bombers freed the people

Following the intervention of two water bombers and a French communications plane in Capilia, Algeria will benefit by strengthening two aircraft from Spain and one aircraft from Switzerland, President Abdelmadjit Debn said.

Witnesses said the arrival of the water bombers “liberated the people.”

According to Christian Mafrey, head of the French Canadian unit, who arrived Thursday with seven other pilots, the water bombers “made 40 drops yesterday and 144 eight-hour cycles today. We are not stopping, we are tired ”.

“It’s calming down tonight,” Mr Moffrey confirmed before adding: “The burning area is huge. We basically protected the villages, so we’re going very close to the villages between Pejana and Algiers.”

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The Algerian Ministry of Defense announced on Friday that it was assembling several heavy Mi-26 helicopters of Russian descent.

According to the special site Mena Defense, the Algerian military wants to buy eight Russian water bombers Periv P-200.

Ordered to mourn the victims on the second day of national mourning, after Mass Weekly Muslim Friday prayers in Algerian mosques, prayers for the bereaved.

“In Larba Nath Ratan, the center of the fire Capilia, Experts were able to identify only 19 of the 25 bodies, AFP Saïd Salhi, vice president of the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH), said.

“Families are looking for themselves, which adds to the pain,” he underscores.

The number is likely to increase as “there are also missing persons” who testified by telephone to Djamel, who lives in the village.

Located at an altitude, the municipality of Larba Nath Raden unites about twenty villages, which live mainly from the mountain arbor.

The wildfire destroyed everything

The fire destroyed everything. “It’s horrible, in other words,” says retired Djamel, who regrets the authorities’ lack of preparation when the fire breaks out again.

The result: villages were completely evacuated, houses burned, herds burned. Chaos and ruined scenes everywhere.

“The rule is predictive. Every time there is damage after a disaster, except when we are operating at home,” the 60-year-old protests.

Mohant, who came to Algiers to shelter his family before helping on the field, struggles to describe the horror: “I have never seen this in my life. Families have lost everything. Absolutely everything “.

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“I’m still smelling of charred flesh. It’s unbearable,” he said, clearing his throat.

Many municipalities in the DC Oso area do not have electricity, gas and telephone.

Several petrol pumps were shut down after a gas station exploded in An El Hammam, killing five members of the same family who were in their car.

Another fear expressed by villagers: increased risk in Govt-19 cases. In the fight against flames, prohibition gestures cannot be respected.

Algeria, the largest country in Africa, has only 4.1 million hectares of forest, which is only 1.76% of the forest.

Every year, the northern part of the country is affected by wildfires. By 2020, nearly 44,000 hectares of coffee will be smoked.

Increasing fires around the world are associated with various phenomena expected by scientists due to global warming.