September 30, 2022

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Algeria: Neglect strengthens divisions… Debown is more isolated than ever

The tragic truth of Algeria is an open secret. From the average citizen to national and international experts, the attraction of the situation does not escape anyone, so the gap between an organization is growing, and a people who have lost all illusions … but all hope. Of change.

In this sense, Robert Ford, the former US ambassador to Algiers, published an analysis by the Middle East Institute, an American think tank that specializes in the Middle East, in which he continues to report on the situation in Algeria on the brink of a constitutional crisis, and one that is increasingly weakened by the loss of oil.

According to Robert Ford, legislative elections in Algeria have been largely ignored by the Algerian people, “strengthening political divisions” and “isolating President Debun now more than ever”.

The election “reflects the reality of a country torn apart, on the one hand, by a political system led by President Abdelmadjit Deboun and supported by the military, which rejects profound change, and on the other hand, by a people who have lost their old hope,” writes Diplomat, now a senior researcher at the Middle East.

“The massive street protest movement known as Hirak has succeeded in boycotting the election widely,” hence the lowest turnout in the country’s history. After certifying the results of “sanctifying the old system”, the country will have to face its “eternal evils”.

Dip manna in oil

In another note, Robert Ford recalled that “the Algerian hydrocarbon sector expects a decline in production and exports, and therefore a decline in public revenue and foreign exchange earnings.”

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As a result, the country’s foreign exchange reserves have been falling sharply over the past 10 years, with problems of unemployment, housing shortages and purchasing power worsening as the government snatches them away. Tight budgets or the opportunity to borrow more ”.

“The government has long recognized the urgent need to create new sectors to reduce the dependence on oil and gas, but has never been able to create a regulatory and business environment that will attract strong domestic investment, and foreigners,” he laments.

At the same time, the expert adds, “the Govt-19 epidemic continues, while the public health system, like all public services, is affected.”

Excluding ballot boxes

Returning to the last legislative elections, Robert Ford said the sad reality was that “Debawan and his next prime minister will not see many new constructive ideas from their supporters in parliament.”

However, the ambassador underscored that “the military, Debn and their supporters can promise to avert an immediate institutional crisis facing Algeria in 2019, with millions of people taking to the streets to protest the re-election.”

But this time, he argues, “security forces have at least cracked down on the Hirak street protests, accelerated the persecution of independent journalists, arrested hundreds, and condemned dozens of people. Activists march in prison

Therefore, the former ambassador estimates that Deboun and the government will move forward “without worrying about the opposition, because Hirak has never developed a clear leadership, nor is there an alternative plan to reunite the citizens.”

Lack of legitimacy

Following his analysis of the situation, Ford underscores the emergence of a new political class affiliated with Algerian civil society and different from the old discredited political system, saying, “The results of the June 12 elections confirm this old system.”

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In this regard, he believes that “even among the so-called independents, who won 78 seats in the new lower house, there are many former members of the pro-government parties, so they do not mark a big gap with the past.”

At this point Ford recalled the findings of many experts and commentators that the last election was meant to bring the regime out of its legal crisis, rather than “strengthen the legal deficit”.

“How long will the Algerian military continue to support the isolated Debபn?” », He is surprised at the end.