July 5, 2022

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Algeria: Lawyers on strike on Monday

Tensions will not ease in Algeria. Different elements of society are constantly screaming their fatigue. In this sense, the country’s black dressers announced a national strike on Monday to protest the arrest of one of their colleagues at the Tebassa bar (585 km east of Algiers) last week.

At the end of a meeting of the National Bar Associations Union (UNOWA), the Bottoners called for a nationwide boycott on Monday in support of their colleague Deborah.

Attorney Abderoff Arslan said the allegation that he belonged to a “terrorist organization” had not been “proven” and that “even the preliminary investigation report indicated the probabilities and did not provide any evidence for an allegation” by the Deborah court’s attorney general during a press conference.

UNOA says it regrets that the lawyer “considered innocent and violated the secrecy of the investigation” by holding a press conference in which he accused Mr. Arslane of belonging to a terrorist group at the royal event.

UNOA is not the only body condemning the arrest of attorney Abderoff Arslan, and prosecutors have protested the Tebesa court’s decision.

As a reminder, Abderoff Arslane, a lawyer for several inmates of the People’s Movement, was arrested last week. He is charged with being a member of a “terrorist group” in the same file as his three members.

He was charged by a public prosecutor in Tebassa court with belonging to a “terrorist group” without waiting for trial.

His detention provoked waves of anger within the company of black dressers, who now fear for their freedom.

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