September 30, 2022

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Algeria. Govt-19: Wearing a mask becomes a “religious duty” and enforces a fatwa

# Algeria : Algerian authorities, plagued by an outbreak of Govt-19 epidemics, have appealed to the clergy to stop the pollution. The Fatwa Commission has made it a “religious obligation” to wear a mask.

The outbreak of epidemics and the alerts initiated by health experts made it clear to Algerian leaders that there was no point in damaging the polluting statistics and that it was necessary to play with transparency in order for people to understand the problem. Size and risk of exacerbation of the disease and especially of the Indian variant.

With this in mind, it is less and less respectful to wear a mask, especially in order to force people to respect instructions given by the authorities regarding the gestures of the ban, which are no longer heard by the citizens.

The Ministerial Fatwa Commission, affiliated with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Waqf, has confirmed that wearing a mask is a “religious duty” in strict compliance with preventive measures against Govt-19.

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More clearly, the Commission underlines in its press release, “Pip wearing is a religious duty to prevent pollution and to save lives.

This exodus of religion comes in the context marked by the spread of the epidemic in Algeria, which contrasts sharply with the figures presented daily by the authorities.

Daily, the Ministry of Health presents several pollutants below the list of 500 new cases. The same ministry confirmed that hospitals were saturated with contaminants with Govit-19 and advised hospital managers not to allow any patients other than those infected with Govit-19. Serious urgency.

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According to doctors who talk about the anxious situation, it is a delta (Indian) variant of Govit-19, which is at the onset of an outbreak of infections and has drastically increased the number of patients in intensive care.

In fact, according to Professor Rashid Belhatz, Director of Medical and Paramedical Operations at Mustafa Pasha University Hospital, who spoke on Algerian National Radio, the variant was “highly contagious and dangerous even among young people in perfect health”; “This is a matter of concern because at the end of 48 hours the patient goes from 20% to 60% of lung attacks,” the doctor said.