September 30, 2022

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Algeria. Govt-19: Health Minister acknowledges that “the situation is worrying”

# Algeria : Health Minister Abderrahmane Ben-Bushid on Wednesday acknowledged that the epidemic situation in Algeria was “worrying” and called on Algerians to get vaccinated. This approval of the Algerian official puts an end to the denial the government has shown so far.

We see a real change in the discourse of the Algerian authorities who have so far wanted to create their own citizens, and the whole world believes that the country has been saved. The health minister is now talking about a “worrying situation”.

While Morocco was doing tens of thousands of PCR tests daily, Senegal was doing up to 2,000 a day or Ghana was accumulating 300,000 in a few weeks, while Algeria was not doing more than 400 a day. Even today, the country conducts only a few hundred tests a day, showing only a thousand new Govt cases a day, a country like Senegal with almost three times the population.

Therefore, if we stick to the official figures, Algeria can be considered a haven of peace related to the epidemic. But the grim reality was that doctors did not stop ringing the alarm bells, prompting authorities to put an end to Dortferry.

Thus, in the comments published by the agency Algeria Press Service (APS), Health Minister Abderrahmane Benbusit reaffirms that the “health situation” in Algeria is “worrying”, maintains that the vaccine is the most effective solution to fight the spread of the corona virus, while calling on citizens to show awareness and strict compliance with preventive measures.

He said in the same source that he “expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the efforts made by various officials in the department to further mobilize the health directors and work to deal with this situation.” He also called for renewal of local requirements for gaseous medical oxygen needed to save patients from respiratory problems.

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In addition, to prevent things from getting worse, Benbosit called for Algeria to be vaccinated because large-scale new doses have recently been obtained by Algeria.

In fact, very few Algerians have been vaccinated because health officials have so far chosen not to play the transparency card. First, they denied evidence of a more serious condition and invested very little in prevention and care. Since official statistics still show that Algeria is one of the world’s worst victims of Govt-19, it is difficult to tell them what the risk is. Suddenly, even with the advent of new levels of vaccines, no one is really motivated to get immunized by the vaccine. This explains the change in the speech of the Minister of Health.