July 5, 2022

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Algeria: Attack on Jamel Benzmail

# Algeria : The investigation into the murder of activist Jamel Benzmail will turn into a masked march. The culprit is referred to as the “terrorist organization”. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government.

The assassination of Larba Nath Raden, the artist and activist of Hirak Jamel Benzmail, continued to provoke strong reactions in Algeria, where this despicable and barbaric act provoked great emotion.

After the announcement of the first results of the investigation, it seems that the Algerian authorities are holding “their culprit” until the end of the investigation. DGSN reports that it is hiding a “terrorist group” behind the crime, thanks to the “confessions” of 61 people “involved on various levels” in the crime and especially the victim’s mobile phone exploitation. “What allowed us to find out the real motives behind his assassination.

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Currently, the identity of this terrorist organization has not been released. But everything leads to the belief that the Algerian authorities are appointing the movement for the self-determination of Kapilia (MAK), which was classified as a “terrorist organization” last May. After blaming criminals and terrorist organizations for the fire in Kabulia on Monday, August 9, Algerian authorities say the crime of activist Benz Mail also has the signature of the same organization.

However, this quick decision is far from reaching a consensus in Algeria. In fact, since the first fires the authorities have already announced the criminal route and pointed the finger, especially without naming MAK, which has not caused any misunderstanding.

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Thus, in a post on his official Facebook page released after the Director of Judicial Police released a report to DGSN, the political figure and former Commerce Minister under Bouteflika, Nooruddin Bukro, returns to this heinous and barbaric crime. He distinguished himself from wanting to call this crime a “terrorist organization” by inciting “state crimes” that destroyed the Algerian march from 1957 to 2021. Of the state “may be called, even if they are not so recognized”.

According to the former minister, “What is inexplicable and unacceptable in this case is that these incidents took place a few meters from the entrance of the police station, under the negligent eyes of several policemen and with the consent of the top national officials of the DGSN. That means Jamel agreed before it was done.

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He points to the inaction of the police, who aided and abetted the killings from the beginning to the end, without making the slightest gesture in this “flag telecast”.

According to him, the criminal police allowed him to carry out “from top to bottom, barbaric killings in front of his eyes and the world.” Concluded, vowing to protect law, order and goods and the safety of the people in all circumstances, and for the State to be complicit in a State crime without cause of State.If we do not believe in the principle of protection by some, it is intended to kill two birds with one stone: to get rid of a “Hiragist” and to commit crime. To blame on.

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Anyway, the gray areas will last. And the authorities’ desire to call both the fire and the crime against young artist and activist Jamel Pencemail a “terrorist organization” was not unanimous.

By summoning criminal cells and terrorist organizations about the origin of the island, Algerian authorities appointed the culprits before the investigation could begin. And they take the point home, claiming to be responsible for the cowardly murder of the young activist. A way to cover all other tracks that should not be ignored. In particular, the gray areas regarding the role of the Algerian security forces have not been clarified by the investigation.

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The inaction of the security forces allowed to kill in front of the police station, without letting Djamel Benzmail get out of the police van, should be made clear by the clear explanation given by some Algerian media, including the Algerian-part.

“We were able to effectively confirm with several security and police sources that RG elements under the urban protection of Larba Nath Rattan arrested Jamel Benzmail on Wednesday, August 11 for reasons that have nothing to do with the criminal origin of the wildfire in Capelia.” It should be noted that Hirak was a performer known to young artist and Algerian services.