July 5, 2022

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Algeria announces withdrawal of accreditation for Saudi network of Al-Arabiya TV channels – Parliament


Algerian officials announced on Saturday, July 31, that they would withdraw their accreditation to the Saudi network of Al-Arabiya TV channels. An officially motivated decision“Explicit and re-emphasized hostility” Of the flower.

Algeria has decided to ban Saudi television channels Al-Arabiya and al-Hadat from operating in its territory. On Saturday, Algeria prompted the withdrawal“Explicit and re-emphasized hostility”, Probably the anti-people movement Hirak for their protection. This withdrawal is further encouraged “Professional ethics, misinformation and manipulation and disregard for the rules of subjective coverage of current events in Algeria”, According to Ammer Belheimer, a government spokesman quoted by the official Algerian Press Service Agency, meanwhile, deleted the post.

For many years, foreign media outlets operating in Algeria have been subject to bureaucratic, opaque and non-specific recognition practices. Against the backdrop of Hirak’s repression by the authorities, working conditions for Algerian journalists are difficult. Like al-Arabiya al-Hadat, they are Dubai-based Saudi channels.

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