July 5, 2022

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Algeria and Polisario remain silent on the spectator status granted to Israel

This Thursday, July 22, Israel received Spectator status with the African Union. Although the news was celebrated in Tel Aviv, Algeria, it went almost unnoticed. The Foreign Ministry has not yet issued a statement on the matter.

As the leader of the Arab and African nations opposing the “Zionist onslaught on the Maghreb and the Arab world,” Algiers has for months, at least in the media, put in a shameful silence. A mobilization that officially broke down in 2002, after it was announced last December that relations between Morocco and Israel had resumed.

The majority of the Algerian media has looked elsewhere. The case of Pegasus paved the way for them. The parties closest to power remain silent, including within the ranks of the Conservatives.

Yet, since December 10, the subject of Israel has been at the center of attention. The government, media and political parties allege that the Kingdom facilitated access to the Hebrew state for the Maghreb region. Two days after the declaration of normalcy between Rabat and Tel Aviv, former head of government Aptelogis Djerot described the “real intention to attack Algeria” as he affirmed, “now the Zionist organization’s arrival at our doors.”

The police note the same silence about the observer status granted to Israel by the African Union. In the footsteps of Ramdhane Lamamra’s department, Brahim Khali’s movement has not yet issued any official statement on the matter.

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