September 30, 2022

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Algeria: A former minister describes Abdelmadzit Debawan as “crazy” and “dangerous” for his country and its neighbors

Former minister and former colleague of Abdelmadjit Deboun, Nooruddin Brow Crew, throws a large paving stone into a pool. In an article entitled “This Madman of Debown”, he considers that it is now clear that the current Algerian president has no place other than “a haven for the mentally ill”.

On his Facebook page, Nurன்din Brou Crew, the former Minister of Commerce (1999-2005) of Aptologis Budeflika, posted this Monday, June 14, 2021, in which he reveals the real face of ‘Abdelmadjit Deboun. , His former colleague in government.

For Noureddine Brow, the originator of the “new Algeria”, whose base lies in an illegitimate president and a constitution and a legislature excluded by almost 80% of the electorate, there is a difference of opinion between the two generals: Gaid Salah and Vassini Bouza. There was a major corruption case involving Abdelmadzit Deboun, the former powerful head of the Algerian Intelligence Agency (DGSI), for whom he was already preparing a cell in the El Harrak prison, along with his son Khalid and two former prime ministers Abdelmalek, Cellal and Ahmed Ohiya. Other than that, Gait Salah, the leader of the staff and a strongman in the regime after Aptologis sidelined Bouteflika following the Hirak eruption in February 2019, found a good CV of a president in Debown’s sulfur file, thankful.

The rest are known, explains Nourdin Prou ​​Crew: The suspicious death of Kate Salah, after Debown was elected, Debown Jr. was released, and then Vasini Bouza’s prison, downgraded to troop man quality. Finally the current Commander-in-Chief of the Army, General Syed Sengriha, the recipient of the Debton Black Cup, is forced to hang himself with the pain of going to jail.
“Never in the history of the nations has there been such a closeness between prison and the pinnacle of statehood,” writes Nourdin Prou ​​Crew.

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But the worst thing is that the current Algerian president has begun to show signs of “delirium tremens” (dementia, insanity), usually due to excessive alcohol consumption, as a result of his prolonged hospitalization in Germany last winter, on the one hand due to the conflicting pressure exerted by Sengriha and on the other hand the opposition to the anti-people organization. . According to Nooruddin Bakroo, “When you are a simple human being, going insane is an unsolvable misfortune. But when you are the head of state of the largest country in Africa, the issue gets the proportion of a national threat and evidence of international disorder. This is not the fate of a man in danger, but of a nation and its neighbors. “

In fact, Hirak is said to be “blessed” because it would have made it possible to replace Bouteflika with Debone, and by competing with the latter, Hirak would become an illegal minority, a sign of the teachers ’advanced degeneration. The current tenant of El Mouradia, he closes his eyes and ears to the public.

Similarly, announcing without an eyelid bat that Algeria has a better health care system is a sign of a ‘lack of wisdom in Debn’, in Germany, for three months before being treated twice on a medical treatment flight. Furthermore, to further illustrate the failure of the Algerian healthcare system, Bacru may also have cited the cases of Syed Sengriha, who is regularly treated in Switzerland, where the incredible affair of Mohamed Benedict, considered the head of the Policario, recently came to be known as insidious treatment in Spain.

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Debown also has no mental stability in dealing with the wrong numbers. He always looks at them upside down. Thus, while scientific studies report that world economies have experienced a 20% recession, Debauen speaks of 80% in order to alleviate the psychological trauma of the socio-economic crisis raging in Algeria. It is this insane tendency that he is changing the figures in last Saturday’s assembly elections and by declaring the minority to be the majority, and vice versa.

“Can we talk intelligently about popular fairness when 30% of people say ‘yes’ to something and 70% say ‘no’? This is the latter rate, which is not the first to provide legitimacy, otherwise the world would be upside down. But Debown doesn’t care,” he said. Says. “He suppressed the memory of being elected by a minority of voters (4.9 million out of 24.5), the constitution of the ‘new Algeria’ which was submitted to a referendum, which was rejected by one-fourth of the electorate, the legislature who wanted to keep it at all costs. The best 30% of the registered vote. Received, refused to see 70% filled glass ‘No’ ”, writes the author Algeria between the worst and the worst (1997).

But Debawan is not only dangerous, he sees terrorism everywhere, not just in Algeria, while Kapil throws separatism. Brow Crew explains that this is important for his neighbors, either through his untimely announcements of alleged Algerian military intervention in Libya or about plans to send troops to Sahel.

It remains to be seen whether this gruesome media release by Pau Crowe, a former candidate for the first pluralistic presidential election in 1995, was a simple outburst against Debowno, or alarmed by the dissatisfaction of a section of the generals. This last hypothesis, as an ex-man of the organization, paves the way for a medical conspiracy against this “Debown madman” as the Brew Crew makes clear. And ask yourself: Until Debn wants to send 70% of Algerians elsewhere, “Isn’t it simpler, more logical and more economical for him to go elsewhere?”
The next few days will be very eventful in Algeria.

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