July 5, 2022

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Air Transport: Ryan Air uses 10 new routes in Morocco

Ryan Air recently announced the opening of ten airlines from Morocco starting the winter of 2021/22.

Extensive flights connecting Agadir Pisa (Italy) and Berbignon (France), but also from Barcelona to Rabat and Ojda. In addition, the Irish company will serve the Marrakech-Alicante (Spain), Fès-Bologna (Italy), Fès-Porto (Portugal), Tétouan-Charleroi (Belgium), Oujda-Seville (Spain) and Seville-Tétouan lines. Note that all of its services are done twice a week.

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“We are pleased to introduce these ten new winter routes for people who want to enjoy a sunny winter trip or enjoy Spanish, Italian or French cityscapes,” said Ryaner Trade Director Jason McGuin.

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Recall that last July, the Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT) Director General Adele El Fakir and Ireland CEO Eddie Wilson launched a strategic agreement in Dhaka. Its new site in Agadir.

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