September 30, 2022

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After the departure of the French, the arrival of the Algerians? – New Tribune

Is Algeria ready to intervene in Mali? The subject has caused a stir in the press over the past few hours. According to a report in a Pan-African newspaper “Young Africa”, The Commander-in-Chief of the Algerian Army is on a visit to France to discuss the matter with French officials. In the menu of this meeting, Algeria could have played a role in Sahel after the departure of the French soldiers who would have confirmed Operation Barcana.

“Proven attempt at misinformation”

But security officials in Algeria have categorically denied media reports “Proven False Attempt Attempt”. A few months ago, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General, take note of everything Francois legoindre Obtained by the employer of the Algerian Army. The purpose was “Discuss the status of military cooperation between the two countries” According to details provided by the Algerian Ministry of Defense.

Intervention in Libya …

Many experts point out that France‚Äôs exit from Sahel should be captured by regional powers. Algeria, for its part, has already begun by analyzing the possibility of military intervention abroad. In this context, the legal weapons of this country were reviewed to promote this type of activity. Remember the Algerian president a few days ago Abdelmadjit Debown He told Al-Jazeera that he was thinking of intervening in Libya. “Tripoli is a red line”, He had informed.

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