September 30, 2022

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“African Lion 2021”: US Army Celebrates Annual Celebration in Morocco

A ceremony was held in Agadir on Monday, June 14, 2021 to mark the anniversary of the founding of the US Army.

This year coincides with the Moroccan-American exercise “African Lion 2021”, which will be held at HM. King Mohammed VI, the High Commander-in-Chief, is the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Armed Forces.

The ceremony was held at the FAR General Service Headquarters in the Southern Region, especially in the presence of Lieutenant General, Southern Region Commander Belgir L. Farouk and Deputy Commander Major General Andrew M. Rohling. Africa, the General for Africa and the Commander of the U.S. Army Operations Division for Southern Europe, is an opportunity to reaffirm the quality of the military partnership between the United States and Morocco.

17th Moroccan-American Combined Exercise “African Lion 2021” It will continue until June 18, 2021 in the regions of Agadir, Diffnit, Don-Tan, Mehbs, Tafraud, Ben Queer and Kenitra, including thousands of international fighters and a large number of land, air and sea equipment.

In addition to the United States and the Kingdom of Morocco, the exercise involves Great Britain, Brazil, Canada, Tunisia, Senegal, the Netherlands, Italy and the Atlantic Alliance. Thirty countries representing Africa, Europe and the United States.

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