September 30, 2022

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Afghanistan: Authorities want to withdraw border post with Iran

Afghan officials said on Saturday that they were preparing to withdraw their most important border post with Iran, the day before the Taliban seized, in the face of insurgents who say the Afghan army’s new defeat now controls 85. % Of area.

Jilani Farhat, a spokeswoman for the governor of Herat (western) province in Afghanistan, said on Saturday that troops would be sent to recapture the Islamic State border crossing point at the main crossroads between Afghanistan and Iran.

“Reinforcements have not yet been sent to Islam Kala. They will be coming soon,” Jilani Farhat told AFP.

The Taliban said on Friday that they had captured the Dorkundi border with Turkmenistan in the province of Herat, in addition to the Islamic State.

On Saturday, several hundred militants from Ismail Khan’s militia, one man in the war against the Soviet occupation, and an anti-Italian soldier were stopped through the provincial capital, Herat, as they controlled its entrances. An AFP reporter reported spot.

In Herat on Friday, Ismail Khan announced that he would take up arms again against the Taliban who had seized him in the 1990s, and that US forces had helped overthrow the regime in 2001: “We will soon be on the front line, and with God’s help, we will change the situation.”

– From Iranian borders to Chinese borders –

The weakness of the military strengthens the position of war veterans, raising fears that Afghanistan could be plunged into a new civil war, the country accelerated after the withdrawal of the Red Cross in 1989, and the communist regime that intervened ten years ago in support of Afghanistan in the face of the Islamic insurgency.

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At the same time that the US military was finally beginning to withdraw from Afghanistan, thanks to a full-scale offensive launched in May, the Taliban captured much of the territory, without real resistance from the Afghan army. Now the important ones are US air support and often depression.

The Taliban again attacked the provincial capital, Gala-e-Nawa, but were repulsed, Patkis provincial governor Hessamuddin Shams said on Saturday. Kala-i-Naw, the first provincial capital to be infiltrated since the Taliban launched their offensive, seized several official buildings on Thursday, before being evacuated the next day.

The Taliban also claimed control of a district in Lakhman province near Kabul on Saturday.

The rebels have easily captured parts of the north of the country, areas they have historically struggled to set foot in, now occupying 85% of the Afghan territory on Friday, which is controversial and untenable by the government independently.

Regardless, the Taliban now occupy territory with China northeast from the Iranian border in the west. Government forces do not mainly have major roads and provincial capitals, some of which are provided by air.

– Chinese Exodus –

Despite the Taliban’s inevitable progress, Washington continues to actively withdraw its troops, ending a decisive 20 – year murderous and costly international military intervention unleashed following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Announcing on Thursday that the U.S. military mission would end on August 31, US President Joe Biden considered it “very unlikely” that a “coalition government (…) would control the entire country”.

Washington is calling for a “political agreement to end the conflict,” but talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban have stalled, accusing Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday – saying on Thursday they wanted a “negotiation agreement” – not really wanting to negotiate.

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“One side wants to negotiate, but the other does not, is that fair?” He asked during a speech.

Beijing, which has criticized the US “emergency and chaotic withdrawal” from Afghanistan, recently deported 210 people.

“In order to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens in Afghanistan, the Chinese government instructed them to leave the country as soon as possible and provided the necessary assistance,” the Chinese embassy said in a statement, noting whether there were any remaining Chinese.

The Xiamen Airlines flight left Kabul for the Chinese city of Wuhan on July 2, the airline said.

“The United States is neglecting its responsibilities and obligations by hastily withdrawing its troops, leaving the Afghan people and countries in the region in disarray and at war,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Friday.