July 5, 2022

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Abduction of a government official in Tripoli

The United Nations-backed mission in Libya announced on Tuesday evening that one of Libya’s two deputy prime ministers, Rita Faraj, had been abducted in Tripoli.

“Unidentified gunmen abducted Mr Friedis and one of his colleagues after they went to the National Solidarity (GNU) state headquarters in Tripoli on August 2,” UNIL said in a statement.

When it comes to saying “deep concern” over this abduction, the same evidence goes to Mr. The fate and whereabouts of Friesis and his colleague are unknown.

The work of the United Nations expressed “concern” that “those responsible for supporting democratic change in Libya and state institutions are being targeted in this way” and “warned against the” serious consequences “of this abduction on the ongoing peace and reconciliation process.”

A ceasefire agreement was reached in October 2020 between rival camps in eastern and western Libya. A coalition and interim government has been formed with the help of the United Nations, which will lead the country to the planned legislative and presidential elections in December. The government is based in the capital, Tripoli (west).

Despite political progress and the end of the fighting, the security situation remains dangerous, especially in the east of the country.

In June, a representative of the Red Crescent in Libya was abducted by unknown individuals in the east of the country, an area controlled by Marshal Khalifa Habdar.

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