July 5, 2022

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This Sunday, May 30, 2021, the Covit-19 corona virus infects more than 170,951 corona viruses worldwide. The epidemic has caused 3,558,600 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. This is 149,110,179 cases from the onset of the epidemic in China, seventeen months ago and 18 282,226 active cases.


The Kingdom has recorded 240 new confirmed corona virus cases, 297 new cures and 5 new deaths in 24 hours from 4pm on Saturday to 4pm on Sunday. In addition, 8,521,177 people have received the first dose of the vaccine since the campaign began, and 5,242,075 are on the second dose, according to the Ministry of Health. Hespress tracking and monitoring site, covid.hespress.com/fr, Morocco now has 519,108 confirmed cases, 9,143 deaths (i.e. death rate 1.76%), 506,962 cures, a total of 5,988,890 trials (7.0.35 increase) and 3,003 cases under treatment, of which 236 are in acute condition. (Under 10 Inupation).


This Sunday, according to the Africa CDC, 4,825,372 cases, 130,311 deaths, 4,361,950 remittances were sent to 47,642,071 people. South Africa, the cradle of the epidemic on the continent, recorded 1,659,070 confirmed cases and 56,363 deaths, with 963,876 vaccines issued. It is followed by Morocco with 519,108 confirmed cases and 9,143 deaths, Tunisia with 343,374 contaminants and 12,574 deaths, Egypt with 260,659 infections and 15,001 deaths. Ethiopia followed with 271,343 cases and 4,155 deaths, Algeria with 128,725 cases and 3,465 deaths, Libya with 185,181 cases and 3,125 deaths and Nigeria with 166,285 cases and 2,071 deaths.


France condemns 44 deaths from corona virus and 8,541 new infections in 24 hours. The death toll has now risen to 109,562 since the outbreak, with a total of 5,728,418 contaminated cases confirmed. More than 35.63 million people in France have been fully vaccinated. There are 4,216,003 cases and 126,046 deaths in Italy, with more than 34.23 million vaccinated. Spain (Saturday Statistics) lists the latest reports, totaling 3,668,658 cases. The country calculated that a total of 79,905 people had died this Saturday. More than 26.13 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine. There are 4,499,934 cases and 128,043 deaths in the UK, with 65.05 million doses of the vaccine being administered. Germany has so far identified 3,687,697 cases and 88,431, 49.25 million people have been vaccinated for at least the first time. Russia says 5,005,171 cases have been identified for 119,131 deaths. Approximately 28.44 million doses of Govit-19 vaccine have been given.

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United States:

In the United States, the first country to suffer the most and be the most injured, to this day, tensions have dropped significantly. There are a total of 594,414 deaths and 33,256,937 infections in the country. Approximately 294.37 million doses have been vaccinated. In Canada, a total of 1,385,413 cases and 25,464 deaths have occurred, with 23.42 million people receiving at least one injection. In Brazil, the total death toll was 461,057. There are 16,471,600 cases reported in the country. 62.31 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine against Govt-19. There are 2,411,503 corona virus cases and 223,455 deaths in Mexico, with more than 29.86 million people receiving the first dose of the vaccine. Peru (Saturday figures) contained 1,947,555 contaminants and 68,978 deaths, with 37.33 million vaccines being issued. There are 1,377,507 reported cases in Chile, and a total of 29,168 deaths are managed by 18.48 million dose vaccines. Argentina has 3,732,223 cases and 77,108 deaths, with 11.90 million people receiving at least one first injection There are 3,363,061 cases in the country and Colombia, and 87,747 deaths from 9.66 million doses of the vaccine.


India, the world’s second most populous country with a population of 1.3 billion, has 325,972 deaths, with 27,894,800 confirmed cases in the country, according to the Ministry of Health. India has launched a mass vaccination campaign and vaccinated more than 212.06 million people. South Korea has 139,910 infections and 1,957 deaths, with 7.54 million doses vaccinated. There are a total of 102,960 cases and 4,846 deaths in China, with more than 620.97 million vaccines issued in the country. There are 743,392 cases reported in Japan, with 12,926 deaths, and Japan approves the first vaccine: Pfizer / Bioentech, which has vaccinated 11.17 million people. Iran has 2,902,094 confirmed cases and 79,939 deaths, for a total of 3.14 doses of the vaccine. There were 839,457 cases reported in Israel on Saturday, with a total of 6,411 deaths and 10.57 million people fully vaccinated.

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