January 18, 2021

A COVID-19 explosion has been reported in about 50 apartment buildings in London

The Middlesex-London health department has reported an outbreak of COVID-19 in an apartment complex northeast of the city, where nearly 50 people have been tested positive for the virus.

Between the two buildings, 112 and 114 Arbor Glen Crescent, 46 employees tested positive for COVID-19, including three employees.

“The health department was notified of an initial case of occupants of one of the buildings on December 11 and decided to declare an explosion after 19 cases involving Maple Ridge were reported on the park within the past week,” the public health said in a statement.

“Health Division case investigators are constantly on the lookout for staff and residents who have tested positive to provide advice and support in guiding the situation. Public health inspectors will visit the apartment premises today to identify practices, events or environmental factors that may have allowed the virus to spread.”

The outbreak was announced as 100 new virus cases and another death were reported in the area.

The two buildings are owned by Portwall Property Management and have 259 units between them, said Boyd Belisl, the company’s director of social enterprise culture.

“We now follow all the advice given to us by the public health on how we take care of the building staff and residents,” Belisle said.

“The health and safety of our staff and residents will always be on our minds. We are very grateful to have health officials who can support us.”

Health officials said they did not believe the building was the cause of the explosion.

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“It has always come together as a group, sometimes it happens in the laundry rooms and elevators, sometimes it happens in the living rooms and dining rooms,” Summers said.

The health department is asking residents and workers in buildings to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and to check if anything develops. Two-thirds of the explosions were in one building, with the remaining cases in another.

“The announcement of a Govt-19 explosion is particularly relevant to one’s home. Our team is working closely with the building management to determine the sources of the transmission and minimize the possibility of further spread,” said Dr. Alex Summers, health officer at the health division.

“Whether you live in an apartment building or in a family home, our advice is the same: limit contact with those who are only part of your home, maintain a two – meter body distance from others, and wear masks everywhere covered, elevators, laundry rooms and common areas.”