A Colorado man was arrested after human remains were found

Adre Burrows, 26, of Sanford, Colorado, was arrested at a hotel in Gallup on Thursday afternoon, the CIA said in a statement. The statement stated that he faces charges of first degree murder, first degree assault and second degree kidnapping.

Local and state authorities announced on Wednesday that they had found the remains of three people at two properties in Lasoces, Colorado, while a search warrant was executed.

Lasauses is a small town along the Rio Grande, north of the New Mexico border.

Investigators said it could take weeks or months to determine the gender, age and identity of people.

Mont Vista Police Chief George Dingfelder said that forensic anthropologists were able to identify the remains of three people.

Burrows was taken into custody without incident, according to the release, and transferred to a detention facility in Gallup.

Due to the ongoing investigation, law enforcement authorities have not provided any details about what prompted them to identify Barrows as a suspect, how long the remains have remained on the property or whether they could be linked to any recently missing persons.

It is not clear if Barrows has a acting yet.

The statement said that the arrest warrant was still sealed.

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