September 30, 2022

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A bank “accidentally” deposits $ 50 billion in a family account! –

An American family became a billionaire last Saturday Billion 50 billion Created by the bank suddenly appeared on his account!

Darren James and his wife, who lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, noticed the error when they saw their bank statement!…

“It’s not a zero or two added. It’s like someone’s asleep on the keyboard! Laugh Darren James In an interview with CNN. I was excited and really surprised. I wondered if it was a rich uncle, who I did not have, and who sent me. !

In fact, it was about a banking error that Chase Bank quickly fixed during the day: “We had technical issues a few weeks ago, which affected a certain number of our accounts,” a bank spokesman said. However, keep in mind that individuals who have spent a portion of the amount may be forced to repay the amount, pay the fee, and be charged with theft! …

In 2019, a couple in Pennsylvania were charged with theft after accidentally spending $ 120,000 deposited in their account. But the idea of ​​spending money never crossed the mind of the Darren James family: “Honesty took immediate responsibility. We could not spend that money. We didn’t win it. It is not ours ”, he said.

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