The Covit-19 crisis shows one of the continent’s major weaknesses, the lack of a strong pharmaceutical industry capable of producing drugs to treat Africans, especially in situations similar to those experienced by the world now. The Team World Bank Wants to participate in compensating for this shortage by funding the production of vaccines on the continent.

Less than 600 million euros have now been raised International Financial Institution (SFI or IFC in English) to support an African laboratory in the production of anti-Govt vaccines. To do this, the IFC relied on partners such as the German DEG, the American DFC and The.French Development Agency (AFD).
Subsidiary World Bank Will set the pace by offering around 200 million euros. The German DEG wants to put its hand in his pocket to bring in 4 144 million, with the US DFC contributing மில்லியன் 100 million. AFD, for its part, will put about 156 million euros on the table.

The மில்லியன் 600 million will go to Aspen Pharmacare, a South African laboratory that claims to be the largest pharmaceutical industry on the continent.

This effort will at least, in the future, prevent this important medicinal product from fully relying on imports from Africa to meet its needs in vaccination.