Update Pokemon: The McDonalds surprise event is alive, while Niantic IV makes game changes

GO POKEMON Niantic developer has launched a surprise event in the game along with other changes to player IV in a new game update.

Pokemon GO has launched a new surprise event, but it does not appeal to all enthusiasts as Niantic again chose to launch another exclusive localized Japanese event.

This is not the first time Niantic has chosen a unique event for Japan.

Niantic announced in November a special Lapras event in the country’s Tohoku region.

During this event, Lapras appeared more frequently on the coasts of the region that was hit by the tsunami in 2011 and it is believed that the intention was to help promote tourism in the area.

However, the last event is less charitable, but again, because this time, the Pokemon Society’s home will hold its “Golden Week (Goruden)”, which celebrates a variety of festivals that will be held next week.

To commemorate this, each PokeStop that becomes a McDonald – which is a Pokemon Pokémon GO – will be drawn automatically.

This is more than 2500 PokeStops across the country that are more rare Pokemon play 24 hours a day seven days a week until May 7th.

“During the period of April 29 (Saturday) to May 7 (Sun), petals dance” PokeStops “in about 2,500 MacDonalds national, and the” Invocation Event Party “will be made, so that you can get a lot of Pokemon ! “Said Pokémon GO’s Twitter Twitter account.

In addition to the new exclusive event, players also found another subtle IV coach change.

More recently, these changes came into force and made the mechanics of wild Pokémon games radically altered.

In essence, it has made Wild Pokémon no longer have the same basic statistics for each player found, with the statistics now being unique to each of them based on their given level.

However, in the last few hours, Niantic has made another slim touch in the game, which means that any Pokémon IV moves and fighting power is now quite casual for all coaches between levels 1 to level 29.

However, as before all the instructors beyond level 30 Pokemon will find the exact same statistics (IV, movements, weight and height).

Initially, it was believed that such a change to major game mechanics was a sign of an upcoming “upcoming” and massive deployment of several bright Pokemon in the game after the release of bright and brilliant red Magikarp Gyarados

These latest game updates follow a pretty significant announcement of Pokemon Go Niantic developer regarding the recent Pokemon GO Easter event.

Although it lasted only a week, Pokemon Go coaches were offered the chance to shell out a variety of rare Pokemon 10K 2K eggs.

Players have twice received the amount of XP from catches, traps or PokeStops rotated and also some extra candies for each pokemon dotted.

Obviously it has financially benefited from Niantic, players have been fought with the chance to buy the lucky Store Eggs at very low price.

All these factors thought Pokemon GO trainers covered the incredible figure of 87 million eggs.

“Congratulations, Coach. It’s collectively 87 million eggs ejected during #PokemonGO Eggstravaganza!” Read a Recent Tweet Niantic Pokemon Go.

The only comparable statistic equally impressive is the information posted on behalf of Pokemon GO Twitter after the end of the Pokemon GO Water Festival, where it was revealed that the coaches capture Magikarp 589 million.

While not being able to participate in “Golden (Goruden Week),” fans will not have much time for the next Pokemon GO World Event, with more evidence that Niantic is working on a resumption of the gym and launching legendary Pokémon.


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