Tr-3b filmed in the U.K during the night just amazing

Tr-3b in the U.K during the night just amazing , TR-3B footage recorded over Enfield UK – 2016.

For decades, conspiracy theorists have claimed the existence of an ultra-secret military aircraft whose format and technology would have been copied from extraterrestrial ships recovered by the US government. Called TR-3B, the flagship aircraft would have been developed by reverse engineering. The technique consists of building aircraft from alien technology detected inside the recovered spacecraft.

Although the United States denies the existence of the controversial TR-3B, several footage of the object has been exposed over the years. This time he was observed over the North London region (England).

Although TR-3B is not officially recognized, conspiracists claim that it is part of the ‘black projects’. These projects, in the conception of the ‘scholars’, are drawn up on ultra-secret military bases, such as Area 51, located in the desert of Nevada, for example. However, researchers do not reach consensus on the origin of the spacecraft. Some believe it to be an alien craft piloted by aliens.


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