Thousands Call for ‘The View’ to be CANCELLED After Joy Behar Makes Vile Comments About Trump

Joy Behar and her fellow liberals are constantly talking about how “racist” Donald Trump is despite the fact that they are never able to cite any clear evidence of this. However, when proud liberal Bill Maher used the “N-word” last week, Behar made excuses for him as she adamantly continued to claim that Trump’s “racism” is worse.

During The View’s Monday episode, the women discussed the backlash Maher faced after referring to himself as a “house n****r.” The Blaze reported that Behar defended Maher, calling him “one of the good guys” in the “fight” against Trump. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg agreed with Behar, saying that she has “very specific feelings about the word,” and noted that Maher didn’t refer to anyone else but himself when he used the racial epithet.

After co-host Sunny Hostin tried to chastise Maher a little bit, Behar jumped back in to change the subject.

“Bill Maher is one of the good guys in this fight against Trump right now,” Behar began. “Not to deflect from what he said, ’cause he already apologized, but Donald Trump and his people that ran his real estate agent [sic], they actually practiced racism.”

“They discriminated against black people in housing,” she continued, not offering any evidence to support this. “To me, that is a much more egregious sin than saying any kind of word. … Let’s not lose perspective about comedians and words and things that comedians are saying, ’cause there seems to be this assault on comedians.”

Had Maher been a conservative Trump supporter, Behar and her liberal friends on The View would have demanded his head on a platter and would not have rested until his career was destroyed. However, since he was a liberal, he is being given a free pass to use the “N-word” as a white person.

Behar’s absurd comment has caused thousands of angry patriots to call for The View to be permanently cancelled! A petition on called “Cancel The View” already has well over 30,000 signatures–and growing. Trump supporters are tired of being slandered and kicked around. And now they’re fighting back.





  1. Total bullshit these women are on point. You people don’t do your homework as Whoppi would say read talk to people in the community you see and learn. You right Bill Maher did apoligize and he is not going anywhere so cut the shit. Stop looking for trouble where there isn’t… Have a bless life..

  2. With all the stuff that Trump says zi would say the board is just getting even trump supporters stop crying.

  3. Trumps supporters are nothing but a bunch of racists. Are people paying attention to the way he treated and spoke of minorities while running for office?? Now racism has reared its ugly head again – against blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims – anyone not lily white. He condones it.

  4. Irma sewell

    She make me so sick,but woopi, sony,they are so much against my President..every day … so the other 2 abc need to be responsible for this show against our president and family..take this garbage out of air..liberals making blood money

  5. Jeanette Dygas

    The View has changed dramatically since Barbara Walters retired.., she was the calming voice of reason … there is no one to real in these ladies when they go on a tangent.. if you don’t agree with them they yell and scream over the guest … I stopped watching about a year ago.. I would record so I wouldn’t miss a show not anymore . I don’t care what political party you voted for but Donald Trump is our president and should be treated with respect … they sure hated it when Obama had hateful things said about him same goes for Bush and any other president … it’s time to bring this hate driven show to an end … I feel sad about this as it was one of my favorite shows that I enjoyed watching but unfortunately those days have long since passed

  6. carolyn lucas

    These morons talk out of both sides of their mouth. Its o.k. for the libs to say anything they want but, repubs are blasted for anything they say. Morons is a good word. Behar get the hell off t.v. Kathy Griffin should never work again.

  7. I can’t say anything good about any of these women’s brains. They have maybe a half of brain. And it is full of lies, humiliation, hate and discrace. I dispise the show because of them. Will never watch again! They sicken me!


  9. I hate this show. Bye to all of you self important.

  10. “The View” is joke. These women are so unintelligent that they don’t know how to look at all political parties objectively. They are a hateful bunch, and they prove this point every time they open their mouths. Then these women have the nerve to hide behind the phrase, “I’m a comedian,” as if this justifies their hate speeches. They discriminate against anyone that does not share their opinions. They are so unprofessional that they resort to name calling, and refuse to take responsibility for their actions because they think they are comedians. Instead they are a bunch of washed up hags begging for attention

  11. Patti Petro

    Take these idiots off the air.
    Their views are unpatriotic and stimulate the division of our country.

  12. Maria Menzer

    The view is run by stupid dumb people who know nothing about middle class people.The view is not allowed on my TV

  13. Paul Stephenson

    She is ignorant and biased to people who do not agree with her.Her lack of knowledge leads her down a road of personal attacks without substantiation. I am so appalled she even lost trust in me for her being a human with and ethics or values.I feel sad for her and feel worried for what she is educating housewives in America.Please be very careful watching her shows ad don’t become stereotype Americas full of ignorance and hate for people you don’t even know

  14. If a republican said it all hell would break lose

  15. They are All History to me. And the show is All one sided. Don’t watch the view anymore.

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