Psychology Test: Which Door Would You Avoid Going Through?

Joseph Campbell is a lecturer, writer, and mythologist from the United States and he has come up with a psychology test that asks people which door or entranceway they would not go through by showing a series of images of doors that are numbered.

The work of Campbell has covered many different aspects of human experiences and he has the philosophy of following your bliss. He believes that a lot of people are too frightened to follow their passion as it is usually a risky path and they are unsure.

Licensed psychologist Clifford N Lazarus, also the Director of the Lazarus Institute said that many people suffer from anxieties and fears and went on to say that they are adaptive and rational emotional responses. However, in the majority of cases, the anxiety and fears of people are not rational and are not adaptive. Lazarus said that in many cases they do nothing except to create barriers that stop people from moving ahead or from feeling better about themselves.

Lazarus believes that people should face up to their fears and enter the doors. He said that anyone who is intrigued and who wants to figure out something deeper about them can do a simple test. All the person has to do is choose a doorway or entrance that frightens them most and they can find out what their soul craves for.

In the picture, the doorways and entranceways are as follows:

1. The Abandoned House

Anyone who would choose to go through the doorway into the abandoned house is a very real person who does not make decisions that are frivolous and who always analyses their situation to their abilities after weighing all options. The person generally puts ethics and values above anything else and they expect others to do the same. The wall covering is a symbol of the person being emotionally closed along with spiritually, however, the inside light is symbolic of letting others in. the person choosing to go through this door is looking for emotional satisfaction that is also intellectual.

2. The Stairwell

The stairwell is chosen by someone who has a love for life. That person is free but frightened of the unknown and they are also afraid of death and of being buried. The person wants to be healthy and to have good health and to ensure this they need to maintain a healthy and good lifestyle, take exercise regularly and eat a diet that is healthy. The person choosing the stairwell overthinks things but likes living and would like to see how things work out.

3. The Cave

The icy cave is a cry out for warmth and the person who would venture into the cave is frightened of being hurt and disappointed and it is this fear that has them feeling lonely as they know what makes them happy in their heart. The person feels the need to be loved in all ways.

4. The Wood Cabin

The wooden cabin is possibly the worst thing that you might think of as the house is not at its best when it comes to condition. This means that the person fears being poor and of losing what money they have. The person has more value for material objects and this is not the best way to go about things. The person who wants to venture into the wood cabin is fiercely loyal and honest but they are not sure that others understand this. The person seeks material wealth in their life but cannot buy happiness and love and will be cherished for the person you are instead of how much wealth or money that person has.

5. The Tunnel

If the tunnel is the place that frightens you the most then emotionally speaking you are in something of a mess. The person’s feelings and emotions will be all over the place and they generally do not know how to process things. The person should come to a clearing point and start to understand what their true emotions and are. The person who would choose this tunnel is intelligent but gets ruled by emotions and puts the focus on problems too much and should look for solutions. The person should try to be comfortable in life and have confidence instead of dwelling on things that are bad and should remember that there is light after dark.

6. The Chained Door

The blue chained door focuses on the color blue and this is the color of the sky. The person choosing this door usually works hard and generally sets standards that are high for themselves that they continually work harder to reach. They are focused and they are sorted and they understand how the world and life should work. This person usually works too much and needs to take a break.


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