Pokemon Go(JAPAN) Confirms Mega Event

Pokemon Go Hub I own you guys a beer. Recently awhile ago I published article which had information on what a Mega Mewtwo Japan Mega event may look like but as I published my article on 1st April every reader thought it was a April Fool Prank…. anyways focusing on news by Pokemon Go Hub they mentioned few important points that is been discuss by Niantic.

It is been mention that a huge event is planned for summer of 2017! The game mechanics for this event are in developing stage .PvP, Trading and Raids are in development, but the release dates for these features are not yet fixed and disclosed. Niantic confirmed that cooperative gameplay is coming this Spring.

More small scale events like the Water Festival are planned throughout the year for Japan also Niantic is working on partnering with local governments for large scale events and promotions, similar to how Lapras event was held.A new concept of a wearable device that brings AR closer to the real world is discussed, but it’s development is held back by technology currently.

Niantic also plans to further develop its AR vision of the game.More information was shared on Niantic’s interest for wearable devices, highlighting that the GO Plus is just the beginning of wearable device development. A wearable device was developed for Ingress, but it was not wearable enough.

In line with what Hanke shared during MWC 2017, a truly wearable device will help augment what you see, similar to Microsoft’s Hololens. Currently, the technology is not there yet for an affordable head mounted display, but their estimate is that major developments in that field will happen in the next two years.

Niantic believes that wearable devices will become the bridge that connects Augmented Reality with the real world. They refused to comment when asked if Niantic is working on a similar wearable device.

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