Mueller Corrupttion Scandal Breaks WIDE Open—Look What Crime He Buried For Obama

The liberals told fake lies about Donald Trump being connected to this corruption.

But guess who’s behind it? The one and only Barack Obama.

Apparently, Obama’s administration was approving a deal to give Russian companies stack in U.S. uranium, and the same Russian individuals were engaged in all sorts of nefarious behavior.

According to our source, Patriot Journal, the FBI was covering it up all the time to hide the truth from the world. And the responsible for the cover up is the guy leading the Russian investigate today. This looks pretty bad for everyone involved in it, Obama, Clinton, Mueller. They are in a big pot of corruption stew.

“Robert Mueller, who is the special counsel in charge of the Russia investigation, oversaw the FBI when the agency allegedly hid evidence it had collected that showed that Russian officials were engaged in a bribery scheme aimed at growing their atomic energy business inside the United States.

 The details were outlined in a report on Tuesday which showed that the evidence was withheld even from lawmakers as they questioned the Obama administration’s approval of the sale of Uranium One to Russia’s Rosatom, which led to Russia controlling 20% of U.S. uranium.

Former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), who chaired the House Intelligence Committee during the time the FBI probe was being conducted, told The Hill that he was never made aware of anything regarding “Russian nuclear corruption,” though many of his fellow lawmakers were concerned about the deal, which was also approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department…

“The Russian efforts to manipulate our American political enterprise is breathtaking,” the Daily Wire reported.

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