Miley Cyrus Leave America In 10 Days I Will Be British Citizen. Do you like her decision? (Click To Vote)

Miley Cyrus and numerous other American celebrities threatened to move out of the country to avoid living under newly-elected President Trump.



As the Mirror reports, other famous female faces who can’t stand the thought of a reality show star running the free world include Amy Schumer, Cher, and Lena Dunham.

Schumer said she would move to Spain if Trump won the presidency, while Cher proclaimed that she would move even farther away from America by catching a flight to Jupiter.

Lena Dunham and Neve Campbell decided they would stay a little closer to Hollywood by heading to Canada, and Miley Cyrus didn’t specify where she would go. “We’re all just jam between his rich a*s toes!” Cyrus wrote of Trump in a March 2 Instagram post. “Honestly f**k this s**t I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean!).”

Miley Cyrus’ most recent Instagram post about Donald Trump — a screenshot of a Washington Post article about him getting booed at a polling station — has been flooded with thousands of celebratory comments from Trump supporters and internet trolls who want Miley to get out of America.
I hope you are packed! do us a favor and don’t come back, please,” @udjlopez wrote. “You are a bad image to little girls, real talk. You might consider going to Saudi Arabia is a nice place to live and you might like it.

Go and move out! Puppet of the media!!” @peaksteam demanded.
Now u need to get moving like you said you would u filthy skank,” @dannycats_mom wrote.
“If I say you would be missed that would make me a bigger liar than Hillary! Pack up your clown couture and get going!” @anniewolfe303 commented.

Miles wants NOTHING to do with Donald. She’s repeatedly made posts about how dangerous and offensive he is (even calling him a “nightmare”), but her hated for him reached it’s peak when she said she would “move out da country” if he won. Yikes!




  1. Good riddance take the rest of those cronies with you

  2. Joe Reynolds

    Miley you’re making a very big mistake. The only person you are hurting by leaving our country is you. You might not have realized this but a lot of your fans are Trump supporters including myself, I am Sorry to say you lost me as a fan and you lost my respect as a person. You’re turning your back on your country because you don’t like the politics of the president of the United States that was duly elected by the American people. I pray and hope for the best for you but I doubt it, Believe It or Not honey there’s more of us that support Trump buy a thousand fold than they support you.

    Maybe you should go live in another country, because I’m sorry to say honestly you don’t deserve this one

  3. Greg Sanford

    Who cares what Miley Cyrus does? Please go! You can have the recognition of being the ONLY celebrity who kept their word of leaving the country since Trump won the election. Pack move what are you waiting for Miley?

  4. Doherty l. Kelly

    I feel so sorry for the parents and young girls that will come under the influence of this person. She certainly is not welcome in my home or around my family.

  5. Yes she’s a skank and a loser

  6. She’s a skank and loser

  7. All of the so called democrats who said they would leave America and move to another country are still here Why??? Go make your money elsewhere. We don’t need you America doesn’t want you😡

  8. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out

  9. Goodbye Miley. You behave disgustingly. Become aBrit & pay their taxes. Hahaha

  10. Elvis presley

    Fuck them all we won’t miss any of them

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