Lewis Hamilton would love to try Daytona 500

Formula One star Lewis Hamilton would love to race in NASCAR.

Watching F1 racer Fernando Alonso pass on the Monaco Grand Prix to race in this year’s Indianapolis 500 got Hamilton thinking in broader terms.

“Firstly it is great that a driver is able to do it, we should be allowed to do more than one series,” three-time F1 world champion Hamilton said of Alonso’s forthcoming appearance in IndyCar’s most prestigious race for the Andretti Autosport team.

“There was a time when drivers could do multiple series so it is pretty cool,” Hamilton continued. “I wouldn’t want to miss out any races in F1, you need to do all the races. I would like to do MotoGP. I’d love to ride a MotoGP bike – or a NASCAR race, like the Daytona 500.”

Of the task Alonso faces at the Indy 500, Hamilton said: “It is a completely different character [of racing]. It is a lot, lot different. The set-up, the banking, how much you lift, how much you use the tires — it’s definitely a lot to learn in a short space of time. But Fernando is one of the best drivers in the world.

“He will be the best driver in the paddock [at Indy], but he does not have the most experience, so it will be interesting to see how he copes without that experience.”


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