Last Final Surprise Halloween Week in PokemonGo

For those who don’t know, the Pokemon Go Halloween event still has some time to run before it ends.And while it’s ongoing, Trainers can grab a lot of Candy bonuses before the November 2 deadline.

But while many will be stocking up on as many rewards as they can, others are desperately searching for something else.News of a new Pokemon Go Shiny has been revealed and has led many Trainer to try and track it down.

The only problem, the chances are pretty slim.And we’re not talking about Legendary Pokemon-catching slim, but a capture ratio of around 0.3%, slim.This is the latest data from a recent poll conducted on The Silph Road, where Trainers were asked how many Shiny Sableye had they seen, plus the total across the event.The conclusion from the first 600 entries is that even with a Pokemon Go Plus device, you’re aren’t looking at a lot of chances, probably around 1 in 256.

Like usual, Niantic has left fans to discover all the little secrets added to their latest event, And now it’s been confirmed that not only are new a list of Gen 3 Pokemon available to catch, but a Shiny version of one is also available.

Online reports indicate that Shiny Sableyes can be hatched from 10 km eggs.There’s been no official confirmation of this from Niantic, which means other variants may also be available to hatch from eggs.

The Halloween celebration runs until November 2 at 9 pm BST, giving Trainers plenty of time trying to hatch and catch as many top Pocket Monster as possible.


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