Amid the growing furor over the NFL’s acceptance of its players disrespecting our nation, the league is receiving some bad news from Washington.

As many are aware, the NFL benefits from billions in taxpayer subsidies, which help team owners build extravagant stadiums they claim help improve the local economies.

However, with the recent spate of protests on the field, people from all over the country have been calling for these subsidies to be stripped from the league, and it looks like they’re going to get their wish.

According to Watchdog.org, the federal government has given the NFL over $7 billion in taxpayer cash to either build or revamp existing stadiums.

“Overall, taxpayers have spent nearly $3 billion on the 16 stadiums that will host NFL games during the season’s opening weekend. And over the past couple of decades, we’ve given NFL teams nearly $7 billion total in aid for their stadiums,” the website stated.

Some of these handouts were to the New England Patriots, who received $72 million to build Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass., the Pittsburgh Steelers, who received $176.1 million for their stadium, while the Indianapolis Colts took a “modest” $619 million in taxpayer subsidies for their stadium.

As you can see, this costs us quite a lot of money. But because of the recent controversy surrounding the league, a bipartisan effort to strip the funding completely is once again gaining steam.

 The Daily Caller reported that a bill to remove the subsidies introduced over the summer by Democrat Sen. Corey Booker and Republican Sen. James Lankford is gaining momentum in the Senate.



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