Greg Gutfeld Rips Juan Williams Limb From Limb After He Called Him Racist

As expected, there have been a countless amount of attacks on President Donald Trump over his decision to rescind the DACA. Fox’s Juan Williams claimed that Trump doesn’t care about the law because he pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Greg Gutfeld was appalled by Williams’ accusations and fired back saying, “It’s just a way to steer the argument from somewhere else.” Williams had previously mentioned that he thought this was “about the law.” “It is. Just something to think about: when an illegal alien gets a job, who’s that job taken from? Who could have filled that job? A white person or a black person? Did you ever think about that?”

Williams responded, “Yeah, I have thought about that.” “Because you only see it as race! I see it as Americans, you see it as race,” said Gutfeld. Williams even asserted that Trump called Mexicans “rapists”. “You’re deflecting now,” Gutfeld responded.

“I’m not deflecting! You don’t like to deal with race because it makes you feel guilty, Greg!” said Williams. “Are you out of your mind?!? I’ll talk to you about race until I’m blue in the face!” Gutfeld continued.

“If you do away with immigrants who came and acted as honorable…” Williams began. “I know, I know. You’re calling me a racist. I hear it, You’re calling me a racist, Juan. Well done!” Gutfeld concluded. Check out the video below:


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